1. I think how chemically clean your body is and how not used to other products makes a difference. I just got mine and have felt a difference from a dropper full. At night I take 3 droppers full and helps me sleep better.

  2. Thanks for the honest review! Looking for something to help with anxiety, but at $150 or so per bottle this seems the be very pricey and not worth it?? If anyone has suggestions, thanks for sharing!

  3. i tried Charlottes Web ..750 mg….for pain. I saw absolutely no effects from it whatsoever…thanks for the honest review as I was going to try Purkana next….not now! This stuff is too expensive to keep trying different brands. Guess I will just stick with Tylenol for now

  4. Technically, you're not supposed to "feel" anything. Being someone who suffers from very bad anxiety, I can honestly say this will help eliminate an anxiety attack of mine in 20 minutes. I stated with Charlottes Web and moved to Pure Kana. This product definitely helped the most.

  5. Shawna did you know you got a hoop in your noze. Is. that how they lead you away from the 🍔
    You shoud stop squeezing the nipple on the bottle that people are gonna get the wrong idea. Your next.

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