Pound Game Grow Series – Wk9 Flower – Big Buds with amazing quality – Dry Weight from 2 plants

WestCoast Cannabiz (My other channel) Video Documentary of a legal medical cannabis …


  1. Yo bro these lights are by far the best on the market in my opinion. but way out of my price range when including the shipping cost to uk. im useing 600w HPS and need a change drasticly.. 👍😎✌

  2. I'm super excited about that glueberry og. I bought some beans of that and also gorilla cookies I also got some girl scout cookies freebies, all photoperiods from singleseedbank, will be starting my grow log once my 4X2X6 tent gets here I also ordered the optic 4 grow light.. Can't waittttt

  3. I've grown this strain and your absolutely correct heat and humidity is not a friend to this strain lost a huge cola bud to mold I've been switching to full spectrum led and got a fresh run going auto seeds dreamberry and sweet seeds S.A.D 2 of each

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