Patrick Kennedy shares warning about legalizing marijuana

Former congressman Patrick Kennedy speaks out on #Tucker about how marijuana legalization impacts public health. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour …


  1. He really seems to have peoples good interests at heart . Even if you disagree with him , you should appreciate and respect people like this trying to look after you and the children.

  2. Comparing the opioid epidemic to marijuana is not only foolish but dangerous. By law kids aren't able to buy cannabis. If someone wants to eat their cannabis instead of smoking or drinking it we shouldn't stand in the way of that. Really if we are so concerned with public health we should look at the number of deaths annually associated with all drugs and go from there. I believe the black market on cannabis causes more problems than legalization, not to mention the tax revenue from cannabis sales.

  3. Every humans body manufacturers it’s own version of THC called Anandamide. It activates the cannabinoid receptors just like THC. How can cannabis be dangerous? Don’t let these people on FOX fool you.

  4. I haven't gone a day without smoking since I was 16. I'm 24. Just recently realized how far it's pushed my life off the rails I was on. Weed is addictive, it's dangerous for young people, and if it's decriminalized it legit needs to have an age of like 24. Young people are ruining their lives. Not in the way of most drug issues, but by losing a work ethic. By giving a cop out for anxiety instead of dealing with problems head on.

  5. Why have so many idots on FOX when it comes to Marijuana? I have Aspergers and Torrettes… no medication has helped me regain control of my life as much as Marijuana. Carried it all over the damn nation illegally for the last 20 years. No fucks given. And liberals think people care about gun laws… lol ugh

  6. All the mari-tards "muh uneducated" "he dosen't know anything" "big pharma" "end all cure" Mr. Kennedy brings up alot of good points and to dismiss him just because he doesn't share your exact belief is nonsense. This is the problem with weed its become way to normalized and innocent, every ganj user will go to extreme lengths to defend it without even recognizing its potential and very real health and addictive properties, sure it has medical uses but so do Opioids and K, Weed should not be legal. And should be treated as any other drugs because that's what it is, SHOULD not be a state rights issue, If you wanna smoke fine tons do just don't be dumb about it and you'll be fine anyone in jail cause of weed was doing something beyond just simple possession that's a fact

  7. Cause his family and their Moonshine business never helped them out!!!
    I'd rather decriminalize and see those tax incentives go to schools and infrastructure, as opposed to letting Black market profiteers like the Chapo Guzman and Kennedy's of this world reaping those benefits.
    What a hypocrite.
    you know big pharma lobbyists have this Kennedy shill in their pockets.

    Fucking hypocrisy

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