1. Check out my plants I have a video I posted. My plants are pretty big because I use the sun for light during the day then I put them in my shed to give them light at night time. Getting 24/7 makes a difference and I also top to keep the height down so I have a lot of heads on my plants which means a lot of colas

  2. Are all these ladies in your backyard or a different location? If its in your backyard it must be AMAZING waking up, opening the curtains, and seeing your ladies looking at you! I'm always jealous when I watch your outdoor grow vids.

  3. Looking gorgeous Brian! My pineapple chunk is the slowest vegging plant I have right now and virtually no stretch in flower. She's making some beautiful dense grenades in bloom with a very nice smell to her and very frosty. Keep growing brother! 👊😀👍

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