Michael Pollan on the medical potential of psychedelics

After decades in the shadows, new studies are looking at psychedelic drugs and their efficacy at treating a variety of psychological issues, including depression.


  1. I can't beilive a big station like CBS is letting this important conversation happen! Michael Pollan did so much for the public perception of psychedelics with this book

  2. The messages they keep putting up on the screen are contradictory to what the man is saying; those are the preconceived belief's, not the science based facts. Mdma, Cannabis and a bit of Mushrooms have given me great happy times with positive lasting effects and I have also had some brilliant times on alcohol but I only drink once every few months, why?, because I'm aware of the effects.

  3. Are you purchasing drugs from a pharmaceutical company that is inspected and regulated or from some shady dirtbag? Isn't this the same man who nearly cried about toxic MacDonald's potatoes? Never saw someone drop dead from their first French fry, yet there was a funeral for a first time (contaminated) DMT dose. Dead at 19.

  4. This made me so hyped up and excited, look what's happening in the media, plus look at California considering decriminalizing psilocybin, that's the LAST thing I saw happening any time soon. Got damn. I'll take that!

  5. These are important, valuable discussions researched and articulated by an incredible, respected author. Thank you Michael Pollan. And thank you CBS for having him on.

  6. Nice "effects" blurb for psychedelic mushrooms, "panic, psychosis, lack of coordination." Yup, that's it folks. Just disregard what the man is telling you with a dishonest graphic. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to interview this man, I wish America could get over their fears of these drugs and stop treating them like criminals, it's 2018, let's act like it.

  7. Great….now this risky book will encourage psychologically vulnerable people to experiment with these drugs, suffering the consequences, without the benefit of Mr. Pollan’s extensive array of safety nets. Wish Pollan had taken the high road, and not published this book.

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