Marketing Cannabis in 2018 – Craft Cannabis Producers

Craft cannabis grows in Canada Small-batch cannabis arrives to Canada’s mail-order and LP markets An online auction house called says …


  1. tell us about the 20 health Canada approved chemicals that may be applied even post harvest. I want to hear more about gamma radiation and how it destroys cannabinoids, and also about all the recalls from unsafe products shipped to patients from lp's……… Hey- get out those wheel barrels to hall the money to the bank – BAM!

  2. Summer, Alpha Canadian! I love that! I wish there was such a thing as "craft". 🙁 It's not like small plants make a more refined product. The highest quality is often from people who can grow the most plants, because they can search for rare recessive traits. Based on my limited observation, "craft" is a gimmick for people who were excluded from the industry (meritocracy/mediocrity/criminal record), but still desperately want in. That isn't even the interesting story, today!!! The most interesting story in cannabis today, is the glut in Oregon. Brownguy420 made 100s of pounds in southern Oregon, and he cant sell it. Oregon can consume 400,000 lbs a year, but they legally produced a million this year, with no possibility of export. Huge storage factories are full to the roof. They wanted $2000 a pound, dropped it to $1300 a pound, shops are offering $300-500! It takes about $700 to barely break even. All those producers in Canada (I'm from Colorado), will soon face a very serious glut. When Canada can import from California, the producers in Canada are finished.

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