1. Im confused as to why you're planning on cashing out of IIPR after the dividend? Since the stock automatically drops the percentage that the dividend payed out immediately anyway?

  2. If APH is trading below $12.30 CAD by end of day Thursday, do you expect a sell the news reaction on legalization? I would expect it on ACB and WEED, waiting for it actually.

  3. The Canadian MJ sector is down in the past week, so I don't think your bullish framework leading up to June 7th is playing out. I enjoyd your analysis always BTW, but see a declining Candian MJ index running into the vote.

  4. Hey Dan, how can I trade Canadian tickers? I'm new to Fidelity – and can't seem to find these. Thanks! – edit: Realized you trade the US tickers for them.

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