1. Trump doesn’t do anything his own administration can’t even trust him with classified information I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t age to badly.

  2. That first thing the guest said about presidents being chummy is something I've never thought about before. They really are the only ones that understand to the degree they do what being president is like.

  3. People call him a great Orator, how can someone who pauses so often be great, i felt like he could be great,but he was actually just a fence sitting liar trying not to incriminate anyone with every word,not a leader,just another career politician follower,he gets far too much credit,just an inconsequential pimple on the ass of time like so many before him

  4. Well those other presidents actually did the job. Could you imagine what would happen to Trump if he worked as hard as Obama? Have you seen him? Heard him? Trump has zero physical or mental fitness. He’d be dead in a week. No wonder he doesn’t visit any active AOs.

  5. Putin’s in unreal good shape but I say that’s him caring about his health, and dealing majority of his problems in a less diplomatic fashion.

  6. Trump's never done a days work in his life, he wasn't gonna start at 70. And like some have said, he doesn't give a shit about any soldiers, or anyone else for that matter – only himself. The deaths weigh nothing on him

  7. I can't see Trump getting out of this presidency alive. He is a blabbermouth who happens to hold America's biggest secrets. Once his job is done do you think intelligence is gonna let him run wild? Not a Trump hater or lover, just something that crossed my mind recently

  8. i'm sorry but i disagree, being president isn't much work tbh. they just boss around other people. a presidency practically runs itself, sure it might be stressing when theres conflict but any other leadership job is like that also.

  9. ? obama didn't do anything for 8yrs except go on late night talk shows & pass out medals of freedoms like candy to the bum liberal entertainers for helping him pump out bs propaganda

  10. Bush Obama and Trump don’t give a shit about the ramifications of war because neither of them fucking served (Bush didn’t serve do your homework) and they’re just corporate mouth pieces. Fuck Obama’s legacy he has a shit legacy every thinking person knows that.

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