1. I wish people would talk about outdoor plants and greenhouse plants more. My plants are doing great and almost every single day my greenhouse gets above 100 degrees.

  2. It's all about the trichomes? wait in another video you said it's all about the terpenes. so which is it liar? LOL. just kidding. I really dig watching your videos. keep it

  3. Genetics is the biggest component to trichome production. Higher temperature also benefits trichome production. The higher heat will activate the plant to produce more protective resins. Not too hot and about 35-40% humidity.

  4. Hi GE, hope you can help… I have 3 dutch passion auto blueberry growing under 1000w led´s, 2nd week into flower, 58 days exactly since they were planted. my question is even though all 3 autos have flowered, only 1 is producing THC which you can see & smell clearly but the other 2 autos are NOT showing any signs of THC production or smell….. is this a bad sign, do you think they might be duds? shall I chop the 2 autos and plant new seeds… what shall I do… pls help, thanx in advance.

  5. some strains have regressive genetics where they grow smaller buds that produce higher amounts of resin in contrast to a larger bud on the same size plant having less trichombes on it's surface area. the real key to higher potency in cannabis? grow plants that have more resin growth and less root or plant growth. simple as that. grow with lights properly raised or in a cool enviorment. 99% of the time growers are saying their crop is done by looking at the buds exposed to light, but it's the trichombes that arent exposed by light that are important (ones you may not even be able to see without breaking the bud). the top buds will always die well before the real trichombe production even starts, this is due to you having high humidity, high temperatures, and lights too close to your canopy. that's a mouthful, but a common mistake that growers will make their first few times. the best cannabis is grown in conditions that you yourself would enjoy to be in. so if you cant stand sitting under a 600watt light bulb, time to change the way you do things. your plants dont like that shit neither!

  6. Interesting–I'll have to research them. Sugars, inflammation, and low angle red have helped me squeeze a little more oil out of them. I love that some science other than chemistry is finally happening. I think your cameraman is trolling you. A fermentation-my favorite! I have a few of them–the cornerstones of my garden. I don't see links for the MSDS on the site, though…

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