1. Definitely nice plants….fixing that air flow and not sucking out co2 will help large …paint that ceiling…513 for co2….outside is 400…so get the bigger bottle and jump it to 750-1000….tape The panda film ….and if you can’t modify the ducting remove the sealed light setup and get 5-10% more light by removing the glass ….and get some bigger pots .
    Oh Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

  2. nice setup. i think hand watering is mire of an intimacy thing. you can give each girl what she needs instead of overfeeding some and under feeding others. tho i wouldn't waste the time if i had so many plants. those girls look beautiful

  3. Man oh man, i've been studying for months and finally bit the bullet. Now my younglings are all dying (3 week old babies). I've sprayed them with a homemade bug spray (alcohol water and dish soap) they wilted and dried up brown INSTANTLY. Man i should have never trusted the internet… arrrgghhhh

  4. Ya a irrigation system is nice but that 30 seconds he spends watering could be when he sees a mite or a little spot of PM. So I would keep hand watering. Grate idea thc Titan the whole evaluating your suscribers gardens. πŸ‘πŸ»

  5. I use a mondi sump pump that pushes. 8 sec per plant watering measures 3 litres. Exactly enough for every 3 days. Im definitely looking into automation for next round tho. Thanks for the love. Peace

  6. Very immaculate setup….covered all points. Only thing I would do ( in future depending on btu of A.C. ) would be to upgrade with DE tech, unless you planning led. The DE are way better and more efficient then single ended and can do 4 or 5 lights if need be, spread is insane. Cons, would need to train plants lower, use more electricity on cooling, more investment on gear. Pros, eliminate 80% of ducting, bigger footprint, increase in yield. I remember changing the single ended to de, night and day difference. Awesome setup and evaluation, πŸ‘πŸ‘

  7. Looks good, id prob flip sooner with the tomato cages try to get it so the plants are only 6-8 in above the cages while stacking and pinch to create more tops and even out the canopy, it will also give you room to move the lights up if you have too. Moab is good stuff, i like to use v+b shine sometimes aswell

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