1. This strain was really reasinous, you would suspect a snake hiding in it when smoking. But I didn't feel much of it. I got the headband effect (face muscles) but no headbuzz. So I rather stay with an afghan for my indica needs. Taste is nice gassy-earthy with a slight hint of fuit.

  2. I've never tried GG4 yet! I remember a few people saying that any representation of it outside the US isn't the real deal, much like UK cheese, but nonetheless it's a strain to try

  3. JJ from the first website I found through Google: "A historic lawsuit between the makers of Gorilla Glue and growers of the similarly named cannabis strain has ended with a settlement. The six-month-long case resulted in some major changes to one of the cannabis industry’s most well-known brands and set the stage for more cases of its kind."

  4. Nice, Krystalica, a Mandala Seeds strain, eh?
    I've got some great aromas and flavours out of their Ganesh (one of my favourite strains) and Mandala #1. Nice potent highs, too.

  5. "A waking dream" good way to describe. GG4 seems to be available everywhere now, though the high/feeling can vary a lot…Can feel like a sativa at times, or indica heavy depending. Hope growers & dispensaries/shops work together a bit more to step up the consistency of this great strain. Always liked this strain w/sativa dom or a true hybrid characteristic, but it's characteristics are always different depending on the grower or genetics.

  6. I can't smoke this, lol picked up an eighth and it was too racy for me. just a thought Mr kitchen try showing the flowers on a black back drop. I agree with the gas taste with the GG#4. Cheers. Got a super bowl party to head too.

  7. GG……………………………….🦍

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