Florida Medical Marijuana ♡ REVIEW: Dogwalker OG TruCLEAR from Trulieve ♡ | legal cannabis oil

Hi! In this video, I am talking about the product TruCLEAR from Trulieve. I am a legal Florida medical marijuana patient and this is a legal product that I own …


  1. I voted yes on 2, and now I am following my rheumatologist's cannabis regimen. Today was my first day at the dispensary, where I'm certain I saw you, I search Trulieve reviews and here you are. What other déjà vus will this stuff bring me. Looking forward to more of your reviews.

  2. Ellie I have a question. My trupods always seem to have a lot of sticky residue in the bottom that won’t vape. Have you had this same issue and if so can I scoop it out somehow so it’s not wasted. Btw you are my new hero when it comes to mmj! Thank you. And yes do the tabletop vape review

  3. Is it just me I vape about 200mg per day..1 syringe lasts me 4 days…I refuse to buy there pods now that I can just refill them btw I enjoy your vids and the prince of vapors!!!my fav is 9lb !!!

  4. Totally agree on the effects of dog walker, but I’m hesitant to recommend you try the tabletop vaporizer. $600 is nuts for a product like that, and if it’s gonna be obsolete in a few weeks after this appeal gets denied, where‘s the value in it? I’m hopeful we get flower product in stock soon, I’m hype to get some flower reviews out there (:

  5. I go to the fort meyers trulieve sometimes and the bradenton location sometimes. Do you use the same dispensaries? I ask cuz if u go to fort meyers there is another dispensary called curaleaf there and honestly i prefer trulieve BUT i got a message from curaleaf saying that a law was passed where they can now sell flower so curaleaf is about to stock up on a bunch of flower. The issue is after smoking truclear so long i don't know if I'll actually FEEL the flower.what do you think?

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