FDA approves the first drug derived from marijuana

New research out of Duke University has revealed an unlikely weapon in the battle against aggressive brain cancer glioblastoma: the once-dreaded poliovirus.


  1. Hard to understand how a marijuana derived drug can be approved by the same government that makes marijuana totally illegal on the federal level. Many more drugs made from marijuana are coming!!!

  2. Isn't this objective evidence of the medicinal qualities of marijuana? Therefore shouldn't marijuana itself(not just this drug) be removed from the Schedule I category which "are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use"?
    I don't see how there's even room to argue about this. There is a ton of research, and now that the FDA has green lit this drug that uses components of marijuana, how can they say there is no medical use for it.

  3. The illegal use of Marijuana in my youth saved my Life. During my recent hospitalization every single specialist that talk to me while there agreed unequivocally without Pot, I would be dead or suffering a debilitating stroke today.

    When I was young doctors recommend Ridellan which would have done absolutely nothing positive for my situation.

    I was born with Hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease. When I was burned on the skin of my face I develop Vitiligo that has spread to 100% of my skin surface which had caused the Graves and Thyroid issues to worsen.

    If it makes me a bad person of low character that my body recognized something that helped me survive then I’m the worst person you’ll ever meet. But I’m not that stupid…

    We live in a time where, once again we have reached a height of greed for Money Power and Sex. If you say you don’t believe that then you’re simply not paying attention or You are the one benefiting from this blatantly obvious corruption. US Patent #6630507

  4. If you really want to know, listen to the actual experts. https://youtu.be/AWuM8SQ9aU0
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  5. The average person's cost, around 20 to 40 dollars a month for general overall wellness, their price? God only knows. http://www.ProjectCBD.org
    Substance in cannabis may improve Glioblastoma treatment
    January 15, 2018 Oncotarget
    Glioblastoma is the most common form of brain cancer in adults, and radiation therapy is standard procedure during treatment. Recent research shows that cannabinoids, a class of chemicals best known because of their presence in cannabis, may be able to enhance the effectiveness of radiotherapy.

    Researchers at Columbia University recently published a paper in Oncotarget, Volume 8, Issue 43 examining the role of the cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) in communication between cells, in particular its potential to increase death of glioblastoma cells in response to radiation therapy—without causing similar cell death in normal brain cells.
    Treating glioblastoma with radiation and cannabidiol

    This figure shows the effects of CBD on a variety of proteins involved in communication between cells, as well as the ultimate effect on cell death (apoptosis). Adding treatment with CBD increased cancer cell death by influencing this cell signaling.

    Radiation therapy is a common treatment for glioblastoma, but it has effects on the ways cells communicate with each other beyond its direct lethal effects on glioblastoma cells. In particular, radiation can change the secretion of endocannabinoids, cannabinoids produced naturally within the body.

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