Eating Horse Meat Hot Pot (Thắng cố) & Getting Drunk in SAPA, VIETNAM 2018 | VIETNAMESE FOOD

Watch me eat this famous hot pot with horse brains and other organs, plus watch me get drunk from grain alcohol in Sapa, Vietnam! “Thắng cố Sapa” is a famous …


  1. I wish I had tried horse hot pot when we where in SaPa we did not know about it. That is one of the best things about Vietnam all the different foods not available in Australia.

  2. Why can't this guy find another Marie? I miss their Korea posts. Yes Cory, the food looks great. Yes Cory, you have mad video skills. I would hire you to do video work on the next Star Wars movie if I were George Lucas. But you have no synergy with people other than the inanimate object you are talking to, and that isn't a person. You didn't have this when you were with Marie. You had a human to experience life together with. This is absent from your videos. Maybe it is absent from your life too.

  3. At clip 8:11, if you noticed the lady at the background, she was scooping "white liquid" I assume is alcohol with a plastic jug… then she put it down on the floor???? Again, just assuming… Then, I wonder would she clean the bottom jug before going for 2nd round "white liquid" refill the next round? lol

  4. I dont think i could eat horse. When i went to sapa i was so unsure of the meat there i just told them i was vegetarian. I think the accent and the Northern language was extremely hard for me to understand.

  5. Great informational find! don't know if I've seen a video on Horse dishes. Apparently, you still has what it takes to down that many shots & keep on ticking. Hope you didn't need any hangover soup. Hope you didn't get any flack about eating mr. ed from the tree huggers!

  6. Hi Cory I see you eat a lot of meat and variety of it. Is there any meat you wouldn't eat for a reason( you had the animal as a pet, how the meat ends up in the bowl/plate…)?

  7. More tipsy more food! I have to research raw liver, now! I like cooked liver, but never tried raw. As you know, horse dishes are never served here in the u.s. i don't think it would taste that good without that "stronger than sake" drink, anyways. Great video!

  8. Hi Cory I don't know whether I would try what you just tried, but kudos to you for trying it for us anyway and hope you didn't suffer any ill effects, you certainly didn't sound as if you were slurring your speech in any way. Love the way you go that extra mile for us and hope you feel ok the following morning! Ha ha! Love the video as always. Take care. Ian

  9. Cory not too sure about the horse meat and organs i was an avid horse rider and all i can think of wile you were eating was my darling horse . A bit tipsy 🙂 LOL Nice one ! 🙂

  10. Not much of a meat eater so I don't think I would try the horse hot pot. But glad you enjoyed the experience. Still would really enjoy going to Sapa's! I would bet there are lots of other dishes I could find to enjoy there :-). Thanks for sharing!!

  11. Went to the exact same place for horse hotpot when we were in Sapa. Definitely wasn't a huge fan overall. A lot of rubbery chewy bits. I'm not a huge fan of blood and organ to begin with. I remember the lung being the worst though! Still an awesome experience. 🙂

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