Day 22 Vice-Free Update // Nofap Hardmode, Quitting Weed // The Cure for Abandonment Issues

Check out the newest episode of the Blak Gondi Motivation podcast! I had the chance to talk about veganism, women’s empowerment and my personal struggles …


  1. I quit smoking weed for a year to motivate my gujrati cutie to stop drinking a litre of vodka a day. I've learned that alcohol turns into a lot of sugar, that feeds candida. Then they multiply and become millions of voices yelling for sugar/alcohol. Gujrati puts sugar in most recipes and many have become alcoholics. I've learned from taking the Dr. Daniels turpentine ( pine sap distilled) protocol report, that the voice for sweets is gone. Not for her , she's afraid to disobey the Illuminati's warning labels.
    Research, give it a try, spread the word.
    Really gives clearer meditations, better than not eating onions 😂

  2. Wow…that was interesting and pretty heavy. Sounds like a religious quest as typified by monastic groups in both the Eastern and Western traditions. I would just suggest that you look into the psychological concept of coping mechanisms, some of which can be healthy, others unhealthy, within the context of dealing with external stressors. I hope you find someone with whom to share your life permanently and securely so you don't have to be lonely, jealous, or fear abandonment. Maybe that's the grail you seek.

  3. You are gorgeous inside and out. Thank you for sharing your journey, the things you talked about in this video (running away from negative emotions, etc.) really hit home with me. Sending good vibrations and energy your way.

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