1. Didn’t take into account how little actual money was involved therefore people don’t care and go big on shitty hands, that’s why I never play these cheap games. This much thinking over a £5 hand …wgaf

  2. Hero played it wrong and put himself in a difficult position.

    Bankroll management is for bad runs and bad beats.
    No amount of bankroll is going to weather the hero’s poker career…

    Hero is a fish, who specialises in putting himself in a situation where he has to fold top pair top kicker out of position. Lol.

    Happy grinding indeed.

  3. I put villain on something pretty strong, but he didn't slow down with a Q on the board, which would absolutely hit hero's range more likely than his own. It's either the nuts or a bluff, and in the situation with the brick 4d turn, I call. You've got showdown equity, 2pair equity, and you've gotta depend on reads to determine if there's a last club or the board pairs on the river. In that situation, I might minraise. Charge draws. J9 got there, but is that 3bet range? Nah. Minraise.

  4. While it seems nitty to fold here (especially at these limits), I disagree that we can go much wider than KK+ for his range. There is simple no basis for that, based purely on how hand played out.

  5. When your talking about calling all ins for 59 cents I just go to the next video. I don't even have an option to play online and these stakes are so micro that nothing that happens at this level is relevant in any real casino cash game

  6. If you fold here why are you even playing the hand? Your range has QQ sometimes, 10s, 88 and then AQ. If you are always folding AQ here, you are folding way to much to these bets (like ridiculously too much). You would only ever be calling like 25-30% of your range, assuming your fold out pocket-pairs and no clubs AK on the flop. Would need the Ace of clubs to ever consider folding here.

  7. Am I the only one who would just put him all in on the flop? Why wait? He's gonna bluff the turn with all his draws anyway so just save time since I'm never folding.

  8. hello! QUESTION PLEASE,, ive been playing for years but just now getting into more gto,, im naturally an aggressive player and has served me well but i e noticed that since i started studying ranges etc its slowed me down as far as aggression because i seem to always assign them made hands,, like. 8J7r flop and i bet as the pfr and they raise,, since 77 88 and possibly JJ are in their range i always level myself into thinking they have a set (or a big J hopefully but) because these low stakes live abc players dont raise alot postflop witbout the goods,, obv theres straight draws and big J's but my question is, how do we stop auto thinking he has a monster ,, is it soley because theres more Jx and 2pairs and straight draws in the range? like if theres more missed hands than made hands we continue always or,,, thanks in advance!

  9. Hey James,

    I am fairly new to playing live poker (played online, but never for real money) and now that I have a decent paying job I've played a couple times, most recently a couple days ago. I have a hand I want to run by you I played in 1/2 NL at my local casino just to make sure I played it correctly.

    Should I shoot you an email, or should I just post it on here?


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