Cereal Causes Cancer / New Report About Roundup Cancer Claims

Cereal Causes Cancer / New Report About Roundup Cancer Claims. Today we’ll be discussing a new report from the EWG about new roundup cancer claims …


  1. i was raised organic in the 60's and have always tried to eat organic whenever possible/affordable so i've stayed away from most conventional products.
    my husband uses roundup, to my ire, and i believe that this latest report finally reached him so he'll have to find other ways to kill plants around the yard… or let the edible weeds grow and harvest them.

  2. There is no way one can claim a cereal is the cause of their cancer the damage could have occurred from dozens of different environmental conditions, even just genetics……You may live an entirely pristine life, and still get cancer.

  3. I sincerely appreciate this more in-depth look at the data! While I try to NOT overreact to media headlines about the dangers lurking in our food/water/air, etc. I DID sign the EWG petition the day I heard about this! My biggest concern is for children who are gluten-free. Trying to find whole grain products for GF diets is VERY difficult and oats/rice are commonly consumed ingredients. With arsenic levels rising in rice and now this… the battle to feed picky eaters on limited diets is even MORE difficult!

  4. I used to work in the flower bulb industry where they use more pesticides than in any other crop industry, one of the reasons I quit was cause I had a bunch of swollen lymph nodes. I try to eat organic cereals now by sprouting organic buckwheat and quinoa. All these facts you're sharing makes one understand why some there is a book titled grain damage…

  5. America WHYYYY. I genuinely feel we’re more prone to cancer than any other nation because of, pardon my French, sh*t like this! I’d love to compare oat products in other countries

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