1. christ sake who wrote that guys soundbites?? cause thats all they are, sounds like a good ole, corporate whore!! sanitary technician :), corporate speak for low paid cleaner.

  2. Love the video!
    Makes me want to try some extracts and edibles so badly!
    Watched almost all of your videos now and can't wait for more!
    My garden is eternally grateful for your mastery!
    Next step The Cannabis Encyclopedia! I've already read through some of your other published work as well, maybe be one day I could be as good a Guru as you!

  3. See if they would just let the cartel do their thang for the ppl that don't have access to legal bud..w/the $ they have they will buy to keep buisness and product πŸ’―… But once again we have this type of shit ppl tat wants to control the ppl..and $$

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