1. Viewing collaboration the feature should help develop easy recovery of document, application and other program to master head attribute in the recent process of achieving education authority and professional view of certificate, mainly on productivity printing and binding will be objective looking forward for other development.

  2. No. 1 is retarded and extremely expensive for what you get.
    No. 2 congratulations, now you've poked a shit ton of holes in your fruit…
    No. 3 actually looks pretty useful…
    No. 4 looks kinda useful by also stupid expensive.
    No. 5 I've used one before and they work really well.
    No. 6 never had an issue with conventional weed wackers… Why buy and expensive piece of garbage if you don't have to?
    No. 7 Good if you have a big ass mansion but pretty useless and unnecessarily expensive otherwise.
    No. 8 Eh, looks useful, might break due to its shitty design though.

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