32 Year-Old with 58 YEAR-OLD LUNGS Quits Smoking: Guess What Happened Next!

In 2016, I was a 32 year-old heavy smoker. The doctor tested my lung function and revealed I had the lungs of a 58 year-old man! Then I quit smoking. Two years …


  1. Chris you should be immensely proud of yourself. Giving up alcohol and smoking is no easy task especially since you've suffered with mental ill-health. You're an inspiration to me. I started taking Champix today, but not noticing any effect yet. I badly want to give up smoking because it is affecting my breathing. I am 21 years old so I shouldn't be out of breath and wheezing. Fingers crossed I'll kick this horrible addiction. I am hoping the Champix will take effect soon. I'm going to keep watching you for motivation. Thanks for the vids. 😊

  2. I'm so happy for you Chris! It is wonderful news that you were able to reverse the damage that had been done by smoking. I have happily made it to day 6 of being smoke free and I'm enjoying every minute of it! Thank you for this video. You continue to be an inspiration to me 😃

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