Why I’m A Medical Marijuana Patient (Updated) + Why I Will Stay One

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  1. Sorry this is so long, but….
    (For context, I live in New Hampshire) This video gave me so much hope. I'm 21 and have suffered from chronic migraines (15-23 a month) ever since I was a child. And with these migraines comes pretty severe bouts of nausea. I've gained a significant amount of weight because moving around only makes them more intense. So I haven't really exercised regularly in a few years. Popping 2-3 Tylenol/ Excedrin a day is starting to become a bit dangerous for me, since I already have liver problems in my family's medical history. I went to my doctor in early December and brought up medical marijuana. She seemed rather reluctant to recommend it to me, she said she personally feels uncomfortable due to the lack of research. She then said she wanted me to try synthetics first. She prescribed me 10 tablets of Rizatriptan (about $300). Long story short, the pills lasted me barely a week and not only gave me horrendous rebound headaches, but triggered multiple anxiety attacks. Now, when she had brought up research before, I was too nervous to retort with the fact that I've done tons of my own research over the course of the last couple of years. And I am aware of the risks involved, but ultimately I feel like cannabis is the best option for me. I regret being too afraid to "argue", I thought the harder I fought for this, the less she would want to write me a rec. But after watching this video, I made an appointment for early March. I'm going back to my doctor and this time I will be completely honest and speak up for myself. I will also mention how the pills negatively impacted my daily life. Thank you for making this video, Roo ❤️

  2. I really love this double upload ❤️ sometime for a video you should do some art while you sesh that would be really fun ❤️ I hope you're having a good day Rachel because you make mine everyday when I see your videos. I have no friends so watching you Sasha Evelyn and Jenny is just magical. I try to smoke with your videos when I get a chance but grams of wax over here in Minnesota are around 40 to $50 dollars but what can you expect from an illegal state😂 I can't wait for when it's legalized here plugs are so hard to find I debate with myself moving to a legal state so much with my fiance then we could probably get better dabs for lower price

  3. Hey! I would super appreciate if you would talk about mental illnesses and cannabis in your medical card video. I'm a person who uses cannabis to treat my anxiety and depression, but, because of various ways in which the healthcare system has failed me, I haven't received an official diagnosis for either condition, despite being prescribed an SSRI. My medical history currently says that I have "mental issues" with no specificity whatsoever, which is pretty frustrating in terms of attempting to acquire a medical marijuana card. In the meantime, I am still buying my meds from a source that lacks quality control in the way caregivers and dispensaries have. I love your videos! Thanks for being an inspiration to me. ✨

  4. your doctor missed the fact that you had lymes disease for 7 years?? holy crap you should sue them (it'd be a lengthy process, but their total negligence should be accounted for.) i'm so sorry that happened to you!! that must have been hard not knowing what was wrong for so many years.

    marijuana has soo many medicinal benefits. its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties are as effective as pills, if not better, without the harmful side effects!! a plant, that's killed nobody and that actually has been researched thoroughly!! i don't understand people who wouldn't want that.

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