Tucker: Something ominous is happening to men in America

‘Men in America’: It’s odd how rarely you hear the problems with American men publicly acknowledged. Our leaders pledge to create more opportunities for …


  1. Mariage is to high risk, low reward for men to want to be married. The institution of marriage and the court system is now primarily favoring women and women's rights. The education system(s) now appropriate womens education but disregard and practically disavow men's educational needs and the wage gap is a myth that has been disproven a dozen times over by many people.

    Feminism caused this as well as giving way to MGTOW which, for men, is the only viable option until things change. Men, as a population, are now viewed by the majority of people as a *commodity*. If they can afford us and put up with us, great. If not, oh well. Who cares. We're men. We can take it right? Men are now more equated to pets or dogs rather than people. Yet when the shit hits the fan, everyone demands men to work hard and for us to act chivalrous.

    This is the hell feminism and the far left have wrought. They've made thier bed. Now sleep in it and watch as millions of men die off in droves. All because the system changed for others while it left those behind who made your so called better world possible.

  2. Lazy work shy low life's, illegal immigrants, criminals, paedophiles, self Apologists, black people that are still on the democrakkk slave plantation are more likely to vote for Democrats. Figures ehh.

  3. I remember comedian Chris Rock saying something about this during his stand up comedy. He was referring to how weak white males are due being used to their privilege status, he talked about teenage white males could not handled the stress of a pimple appearing in their face and sometimes no having money, the downsides of privilege is not being able to grow a backbone and ability to resolve problems

  4. Ah, who cares about the opioid epidemic. Killing mostly inbred hillbillies so it's actually a gain. I mean do we really need to keep those gap toothed, illiterate, Trump supporting, cousin fuckers alive? Just god clearing out the deadwood.

  5. Maybe it’s the entitlement, the “boys will be boys” copout, porn abuse, drug abuse (made “cool”) where as from the age of five, a girl is told to close her legs- simply misplaced responsibility. Even this news report is saying it! “It’s a woman’s fault!”

  6. mentioned once on march 7th, and to never be spoken about again… DOES NOT SURPRISE ME AT ALL. Real news is never talked about, maybe once and thats it.

  7. There is a huge key factor you're missing.. you must live the life before you can report. Where I'm from the women are molested at a young age, disabling a healthy relationship or marriage but a healthy job/social life. The women cheat, lie and steal and ruin or misguide their children if separated. Religion isn't a factor and isn't taken seriously unless it fits the codex of the lifestyle perceived. In the workforce, certain ethnicities are more beneficial and favorable not depending on the work but colour of the skin. The vortex of perversity, corruption and idolatry lead our men to think less of themselves hense drug abuse as the black man is the all mighty God in women's eye's. The dogma created whilst unbalanced the plight discombobulated!

  8. Tuckster just answered his own question at around 7:10. Its pounded in our heads everywhere that men are scum and women are great. This is obviously very dangerous! We are dropping like fly's. And femin-azi's are loving it. There going to regret it when its time to do the dirty work. That's for damn sure!

  9. That's really weird. I don't know if it's a fringe case where I grew up but it's the exact opposite from what I see. Minus the suicide. No one I know has committed suicide. But women my age seem to be in worse situations in ever increasing numbers.

  10. Haha dude your awesome! At first I thought this was true. Disgruntled employees are everywhere and yeah P.R. Killed the man long ago. Don't even think about getting into a fight. Truth is yeah it's still legal to yell in the comfort of your lazy boy at the TV on game night. Or while fishing in the middle of nowhere by yourself. But the John Wayne days are over. And the only way to set a man free is to make him rich because all other avenues have been shut off.

  11. The truth is toil in the sweat of they face forever. With the labor force today if you didn't make the star level industry should pay you not to work after 35, you've suffered enough.

  12. "The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel it's warmth." The social contract has been broken. The system is collapsing under it's own weight. The have-nots are going to take what they want from the haves. I for one could not care less how bloody this is going to get. Reap what you sow.

  13. A boy does what he wants
    A man does what he has to

    A true man has respect for himself and others

    Let a REAL man be a man

    And ladies, let him be the man while you be a woman……if you have an attitude of "I don't need a man" then your attitude is that of a man……no REAL man (straight) wants to be with another man…. a woman needs to be woman to her man and then he will be the man a woman needs him to be

    There is nothing wrong with that, both are equal cause both need each other to complete each other

  14. This is so true, I worry about all the medications given to young people that have not been around long enough to know side effects decades later. Tucker is one of my favorites, this is what real journalism looks like.

  15. I have completely given up on marriage. There seems to be a normality of cheating and divorcing. I hate being alone but I don’t trust in marriage any more. I’ve already been thru one divorce when I was younger and vow to never go thru it again. I’ll stay alone I guess.

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