Season 3 Ep 7: Day 71 Autoflower Harvest

Harvest of season 3: Multi Strain Mephisto Genetics grow.. Sour Crinkle, Hubbabubbasmelloscope, Alien Vs Triangle, Sour Orange Livers, + Heisenberg Special …


  1. That bud looks great you're showing at the 1 min mark. The stuff you harvested already, although it must be cringe worthy when you wait 2 months or more for just that much smoke huh bro.
    Least when you have multiple plants it adds up.
    Ps maybe you don't smoke a ton and that would last you awhile.

    I'd prolly have it smoked in a week lol.

    Happy growing buddy and I look.firward to seeing more videis

  2. Wow looks bomb, i hope my auto blue dream turns out half that good. Fingers crossed but it looks like itll be my first successful auto. Those buds are looking great!

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