Scaled radioisotope positron propulsion | Ryan Weed at Breakthrough Discuss 2018

Interstellar flight using conventional chemical fuel would take tens of thousands of years. Antimatter promises vastly more power per gram, but faces currently …


  1. fantastic! looks like the way forward & seems to be the best option of all to date to go far and stop…short of an improbable breakthrough in wormholes or warp drives.

  2. Very interesting stuff!
    It wouldn't surprise me if the use of positrons to generate energy makes the idea of fusion power obsolete before it even gets out of the starting-gate. That would mean "goodbye ITER"!

    Getting positrons from radioisotopes *has* to be a *vastly* better and easier idea than creating a monster like ITER to *maybe* get to the fusion break-even point. Fusion power isn't even in the same *galaxy* as power generation via anti-matter.

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