PSA: K2 / Spice /Synthetic Pot is NOT Weed / Marijuana / Cannabis

PSA : K2 / SPICE / SYNTHETIC MARIJUANA ≠ WEED /CANNABIS / MARIJUANA . This is my first Public Service Announcement but after seeing a news article …


  1. Back in 2009 when I tried spice I thought it was going to be a mild safe version of weed, but after only 2 drags of a joint it felt like a mixture of heroin and acid! I'm glad I didn't have it again as I had no idea how dangerous and addictive it would turn out to be. Long term crack and heroin addicts are starting to use spice instead as they find it to be cheaper and stronger.

  2. It’s extremely dangerous!! I made the mistake of trying it And people here in Alabama have be misled to believe that it’s an alternative because we actually have a spice epidemic here. They are calling it “Clone” here as well, as if the Lab “Cloned” cannabis. Also it’s easier get clone and other stuff like heroin than cannabis! It’s sickening and really tired of people even comparing the two! I wish we just had legal weed!!

  3. Dude, You never stop amazing me and the viewers." Let's think about it" would be a perfect Public Info Advisory Video for Public awareness on so many Marijuana SUPPLEMENTS that are KILLING individuals and causing so much damage to their bodies with RAT POISON. I personally feel that those synthetics are purposely made with the intention of hurting us and even killing us just because we are not liked!! They come from across the world on cargo ships from China, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc, etc, places that want to see us suffer. Why would anyone take a poison designed as a synthetic marijuana drug without realizing it could be the last time they smoke anything. Anyone seeing my point? Thanks to you and many like you we have a Guardian watching over us and telling it like it is, IT IS NOT MARIJUANA PEOPLE, IT IS RAT POISON MADE BY PEOPLE WHO WOULD NOT, WOULD NOT SMOKE IT THEMSELVES. BUDZNBEARDZ knows what he is talking about and I thank him for that, ty. So in closing I will say to all and to all who read this is we must be extra careful and a lot more up to date with things that can affect us and harm us and even kill us just to get a HIGH you can get from the legal stuff, Marijuana, Wax, CBD, Oils, shit the list goes on and on. Like he said "Lets Think About It" . Would you rather get high or would you rather die and not get high? You be the Judge……. LOL you should call it "Lets Think About It" would be a great way to speak on different issues and maybe your viewers could throw ideas your way to help…..

  4. My neighbor did spice with my dad at a house party one time and my mom found my dad laying in the bed with bubbly white stuff on his mouth and she thought he overdosed. Turns out he was in the middle of brushing his teeth and payed down.

  5. Thank you for discussing this topic. It drives me nuts when people call it synthetic marijuana. People actually will seek out k2/spice to smoke when they are being drug tested for marijuana because they think it has similar effects. My friends boyfriend’s cousin got hooked on k2 because of this. Thank you for using your channel for this type of education.

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