1. Yes, it's great to have increased energy and a clear mind capable of making quick decisions. It’s hard to get into the details of what works here, but try looking for a website like Nemery Thentel's, or something similar for an approach that always works no matter how much time you’ve been hooked.

  2. Daniel, your marijuana picks were so disappointing : LDS +300% ??? That run was NOTHING in the Canadian cannabis sector! Stocks like ACB, BLO, WEED, APH, FIRE, OGI and many more did from +500% to 1500% since 2016. You could've basically blindfolded picked ANY cannabis stocks and make +300% return! You're obviously pushing an agenda for your own good, pumping stocks after receiving hefty retributions from selected companies to advertise them. Moreover, you NEVER tell your subscribers when to take profits, when stocks become overvalued, which is 50% part of the deal. It's always BUY! BUY! BUY! I seriously doubt the responsibility you have towards your audience. The last FF buy recommendation issued this Sunday was up 13% the next trading day. FF hasn't seen such market activity since 2016! Same thing happened with HIVE and with numerous other mining stocks you recommended during the 2016 bull market. You clearly have insider knowledge which makes it unfair to your audience.

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