1. I use pure marijuana in spiritual rituals but I don't smoke it, I vaporize it instead. Smoking is very hard to the body and mind. Vapor is pure, gentle and ligth. Marijuana has been such a huge support and friend in my healing journey. I also use magic mushrooms in spiritual retreats I do in nature, once a year. Have no words to describe what spiritual mushrooms do for our consciousness. They are gigantic, powerful healers. They are absolutely divine. My next step will be ayahuasca. I'll go with you Crystal for a journey with DMT!

  2. Thank you for this video 🌿❤️ bless your heart for what you do, for all your good work. The Herb is the plant teacher and can help you with expanding consciousnesses, reaching the Realms, connecting the dots, having life changing discoveries. She can help you to open the gates to the Shamanic realities. She can help you heal. When used with respect and intention ❤️🌿

  3. Preach! I would like to try Ayahuasca in the future and have the same fears as you, but so curious the outcome! I think I thought LSD would get me there. Until one fateful weekend when a Jim Morrison poster came alive and then the room was bright white and someone walked in laying their hand on mine saying, "It's time." (To sober up, stop wasting time, etc.)

  4. Everything in it's place… I agree that cannabis and psychedelics can be useful for spiritual awakening and healing. I used to experiment quite a bit and I feel the psychedelic experience definitely was the catalyst that began my journey of awakening. I can't touch weed anymore as it began to have such a powerful effect on my body I feel as if I am under attack 😖. I no longer wish to use any outside substances to reach those higher states as now I can get that rushing high feeling in meditation, and it is a pure energy without the unpleasant bodily side effects.

  5. Recently stopped smoking i used to smoke every day it kinda dulls you you can def become addicted i got bored with it which is why i quit i think meditation and sun gazeing can raise your awareness in a more balanced way

  6. I want to experience ayahuasca! My only problem is that it is recommended to stop all persctiptions and supplements before partaking in it. I am on antidepressant, bladder, and allergy meds. So I am not sure if I can.

  7. You must had been getting really bad stuff when you were younger, I find that the stuff I used to get was stronger than the medical marijuana these days, but then again maybe i'm getting some really bad stuff now hehe, when I get to heaven the first thing I am going to do is thank God for marijuana, it has helped me with so many things that the doctors would had given me medication for, because of my fear of doctors I do not go, I had some lumps in my breasts that were starting to bother me after 20 years, after a year of being on the stuff they have shrank so much that I can hardly feel them any more, they are the smallest they have ever been, yep and i'm still afraid of the doctors, not death though 😉

  8. I'm going to definitely make another video where I talk about the time I took too much edibles and saw aliens on a moving walkway in my bedroom. And about another time I completely winked out of this reality into another and woke up in a different room not knowing how I'd gotten there. I'm telling you, the weed these days is no joke!

  9. This Kansas, cops wife, just can’t get her hands on anything good anyways. BUT my dad…a cancer patient…has been using it for his pain during treatment and it’s been WONDERFUL for him. He actually has it in its natural plant form AND as a pill from the VA. yes. The VA in KS approved and dispensed it to him for his cancer. So on some levels, some people understand it’s benefit. 🙂

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