Marijuana Detox – Anxiety – tips

First post ever. Talking about quitting an extreme marijuana habit and how the withdrawals have been going. I assume about half of anyone who watches this …


  1. Let go of smoking are inhaling nicotine. Don't smoke blunts. Smoke out of pipes. This is my method . I stopped smoking blunts and my feening for the next hit is chill. The feeling to smoke again is not that high as before.

  2. It's not that difficult to quit wees within a week or so, as long as you're giving your body and brain what it needs during the detox process. As long as you're consuming the right things while you're quitting, you won't go through withdrawal, and will feel sharp, clear and motivated during the process. There's this program mentioned in Nemery Thentel's website that can help anyone control their habit.

  3. Thumbs up to this vid! I went through the exact same thing. I was shocked that I had withdrawal systems has I was always told and believed there were none smoking weed. Boy was I ever wrong! On day 13 after smoking heavy for 19 yrs and things are getting much better, still have a little brain fog and anxiety though.

  4. I’ve been smoking weed for about three years now. I’ve probably only went a couple days of not smoking since I started. I do it everyday but I wouldn’t say I smoke a lot. I can have a Q last me almost a week maybe lol but I’m honestly nervous to stop. Just from all these stories I hear from people who do stop.

  5. Sleep becomes so much better when you quit the grass. Weed kills your deep REM sleep so if you smoke everyday you are basically depriving yourself of the deep sleep that your mind requires to replenish and grow.

  6. I have depersonalization/derealization disorder from weed and im like 3-4 weeks in and my anxiety/derealization is fucking terrible. It used to be occasional but now its like a constant feeling of derealization. I didnt even smoke a lot compared to most people i know so it doesnt make sense.

  7. These last 3 days have literally been the worst days of my life. Worse than any kind of illness. I stopped taking THC because every time I used I was having massive panic attacks that lasted for record times. Basically my abuse had reached new bounds, smoking 1g of wax thru a vape pen in 4 days (puffs every 5 min) and supplementing it with a massive bong rip of 30% THC indica. I quit last year around this time for 3 months but all I had to endure was insomnia and night sweats for a few days. This time however it's a whole different can of worms. I feel perpetual anxiety which will evolve into panic multiple times throughout the day. I can hardly eat, and I get super nauseous if I eat an amount more than half a banana. I can't drive my car on the highway because I feel like I'm trapped inside a really fast metal death trap. I can't go into the market without someone with me. I keep creating all these stupid irrational thoughts and most my thoughts are all negative. I can hardly play video games because I feel that it too is an extremely toxic part of my life. Basically I'm not doing anything all day, and I feel like my life is being shifted upside down, I'm not interested in anything anymore. I haven't cried in many years till today. I was abusing caffeine as well (~240 mg a day), and now even 1 cup of coffee trigger a massive panic attack, so I guess I'm getting a double dose of withdrawals. I can sleep fine but that's because I use a 40oz of malt liquor. I couldn't imagine what this would be like if I was trying to quit alcohol too. Thanks for uploading this, because I honestly thought I was going insane. I had no idea how bad the withdrawal symptoms could be from this plant. Also anyone who is struggling with this I wish you luck.

  8. Hi. I just found your video, as I was wondering whether anybody else is going through that I'm going after I quit 2 weeks ago and broke the chain of a decade of smoking weed. Has anybody suffered from sudden aggression blows. I'm seriously struggling with those more than with anxiety attacks.

  9. Thank's for the video bro. I am on day 11 was having major issue's with the anxiety attack's. It's help's to know that I am not the only one who was feeling like that. I wish you the best bro. Hope you get what you want out of life.

  10. I hate the ignorant who say that marijuana isn't addictive or that the withdrawls last for only a few days. This is true really only if you're an outright casual/beginner smoker. However if you're like me and the guy in the video above, then we're in another world altogether.

    If it becomes outright legal here, then I'll just stay a smoker… Fuck it.

  11. I smoked 84% THC vape for a year due to a back injury. I quit cold and two days later I was having nonstop spontaneous panic attacks, sweating, no appetite, constant chest crushing anxiety for a week so far. Think about a panic attack that lasts for a day at a time and feels like a major heart attack along with persistent anxiety in your chest that does not go away. Now I know what it feels like to think you have minutes to live before heart failure and have mad respect for people with anxiety disorders. I'm super against benzos, but here I am taking lorazepam like my life depends on it. You're lucky. Also, DO NOT smoke if you are already withdrawing and go straight to the ER if you think you are having a heart attack. You never know.

  12. Same thing happened to me. I had anxiety attacks when smoking. Then stopped…then anxiety came full force for a week. I feel like I'm gonna die if I don't smoke

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