1. I dont even know what to think about kratom…believe it or not, i took some Green MD and started having chest pain (2 tablespoons)I went to the ER and I was about to stroke my blood pressure was so high. I took a piss test and failed for some hard drugs that I dont take!! I dont know if it was false positive, or they lacing it over in Indonesia(totally a possibility), but I dont need to be on the drugs that the piss test said I was taking…thats for sure. So now i have to take Blood pressure medicine everyday, and jones out as i went from 2 tablespoons to a half a teaspoon….which does nothing but keep me feeling"normal" and im taking large doses of cbd crystals in a tincture which seems to help…I guess. Congrats on quitting smoking bro! I recently quit smoking weed and only eat it now…which was a big change for me.

  2. Omg, I had the same dream about my mom dying while sleeping with the nicotine patch it was the scariest dream I woke up and called my mom at 5am, that's how freaked out I was.

  3. 7 years off cigs $10 a day (use to smoke 2 but they were cheaper so i will just got with that price) 7×365=3650 3650×10=$36,500 my god…Glad your finally done smoking man!!! I vape, but you know me i turned that into a profit. Again nice to see a video of you, nice video man, mad support!

  4. If there's one thing you'll get from from kicking an addiction, it's will power. You will find other ways to channel your stress. You should try cold showers, along some form of exercise every day. Brisk walks, swimming, lifting weights, body weight exercises, disc golf, etc. It helped me a ton. Forming new hobbies and interests, or simply going back to the things you used to enjoy can help a lot. Nutrition is another one. Good Luck Brother

  5. Here's a kratom question for you that I haven't seen anyone ask yet (though, of course, I might have missed it!). In light of the FDA's recent broadcasting of its intentions to ban kratom (i.e. seeking fraudulently to establish a causal relationship between kratom and deaths in which other substances known to be lethal were involved), the question arises: if the DEA bans kratom, how long can you store kratom for? And is there a way to store it so that it is preserved longer?


  6. Dude congrats! Inspiration to others that need to quit. An yes keep us informed I've just recently started watching your channel and fucking love it. Came for the kratom and stayed for the fucking hilarious stories πŸ˜‚

  7. If anyone out there wonders what being addicted to cigarettes feels like well, imagine wanting a glass of water really bad. cigarettes and water have the same sensation. Don't smoke kids.

  8. I bet this video is gonna be the one that blows up. Those stop smoking videos always get tons of traffic. Also, yes please post the kratom video. I feel a lot of us are interested in your taper

  9. I quit 3 years ago, don't go back, I can actually run now and workout, yeah I want to see your to taper video , I'm tapering since November , I'll get low then up to go workout and it's a yo yo, so I'm in with you . You will feel healthier from not smoking it just takes time. It's so gradual that you may not notice though . # you'reTheMan God bless you bro

  10. i'm so proud of you. this inspires me.
    i quit once before.. for 4 years
    my ex got me started again… and i fear i don't have the same willpower…

    I have to quick by April… I've considered how… plotted, planned…
    i mean i've went most of my life without it. but i'm less anxious and more capable of handling things it seems with cigarettes.
    but maybe i can take that same mind set… and apply it .. just without the cigarettes.

    Although i got a full check up twice.. and i'm extremely healthy…
    I can't take that forgranted… i must quit while i'm ahead…

  11. +menthol kratom congrats on being able to quit. Im the glad the patch worked for you..I didnt like the way i felt an it disrupted my sleep..I hear you on health not being your 1st reason behind quitting. Its not mine either. well at least being honest about it…lmfao anyhow i wish you the best w/this

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