This Channel✅ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! Quickly run through the 3 gardens but focus on the new autoflower run. We are going over everything that entails …


  1. As always! hope you enjoyed your week. Don't forget to comment your questions down below or just say hi whats up!

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  2. can you help me grow like youI have 4×4 x6feet tent I have  2,8,4 bloom  I have 3 led 300w viperspect galaxy and higrow  I do got 6 plants in veg they were doing good I think they used up the nut in soil I haven't give them any but I just gave them   ripgrow 20,20,20 I didn't fix the problem slowed it down there 1 foot and bushy I thought it need to be trimmed they be light but today they were st heavy  iv been ph the water to 6.0to 6.7 the tempura out wack for few days some llok ok 3 look there droping like there over watered im new grower  I have 2 fans in there im afaid im going to lose the the perfectionel at the garden store told me to put proxide in spay bottle and spay them and the dirt and stupid me did it to the plant but i stop after that 1 or 2 plants that I lightly did it to I look it up on utube and kill microbes I was pissed but now you see my problem im panicing wen I see something wrong I hoping to get this done right strat to finnish im only 2 weeks in veg maybe 3 I hope you can help me

  3. you say you are an organic grower, but you use coco, I do not know what variables determine organic vs non-organic, I am trying to decide the grow medium I am going to use is why I ask

  4. me and my husband are fixing to start our little garden, we are going to get a 4x4xalmost 7.. anyways… my husband things we need two mars hydro's but it only looks like your using one? what are your thoughts.. and even using a different tent?

  5. Grrreat Vid. Informational, Nice clean grow. Who could ask for more? I'm running a 420 CONTEST on Twitter if you or anyone else is interested? its a FREE deep water culture single bucket hydroponics system, 6" bucket lid, air pump and hoses, rock wool cubes, hydroton clay pebbles. To enter just follow @Godzmazter and @GGiveawayz thats it, International pays for shipping please.

  6. Hey bro loving the vids still but I have a question. I was watching pigeons and he was talking about washing the buds after harvest. Do you wash your buds after harvest? And if so do you think you can make a video showing it also can you talk more about flushing the plants 🌱

  7. Not going to lie but when i see your name on t-shirts and mugs thats it im done.. you dont need my support anymore… time to find the next small time independent grower to support… your turning into a corporate name and i dont support it… maybe thats why your one of few weed tubers you tube let come back on to the platform.. time to stop supporting you tube as well… i wish stoners would be more sensible and see whats going on in the world… but then again a doped up society will be more complacent and easier to control. Good luck

  8. Autos…..I guess I will have to try them again…..maybe this time you can give us the grams per watt and smoke results ….didn’t have much luck with the autos outside …and the potency wasn’t there 😢
    Oh Canada 🇨🇦

  9. Great videos! How many times in total you do mix and feed your plants the organic dry ammendments throughout their life cycle? Do you just go by how the plants are looking? Or is it just one feeding at the beginning of each plant stage, mixing the medium, vegetate, and flower stage?

  10. Great vid!! What do you think about the quality of autos? I know you’ve said they are good, but have you ever had one that really stood out. I’m thinking about adding one to the veg tent to see what happens. Any recommendations

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