There are so many misconceptions about marijuana and this video is to set a few things straight. Depending on what research you look at and who you talk to, …


  1. I study medicine and after my exam session i suffered from student burnout (apathy, inclusiveness, depressive symptoms) thinking for me was very hard thing to do, i just wanted to lay down, stare at a fixed point, do nothing, think nothing, social interractions were so painstaking for me. Due to the fact that i was lonely it only made me feel worse. So i decided to try marijuana …
    Boom!! never have i ever been so talkative in my life, i felt so joyous, i loved people, i enjoyed every single moment spent with everyone.. while i was euphoric in my subconsciousness i understood that weed is not a drug that u wanna use everyday but after exam sessions its definately necessairy if you cant really help to cope with your emotions or the lack of them. I’d definately recommend it over xanax or alcohol which can seriously impact your health, and not in a good way.

  2. Smoking marijuana actually triggered in me paranoia, OCD, anxiety, panic attacks, intrusive thoughts, and been having shit load of fun ever since I've smoked that blunt with my friends.. I was doing medications, some helped, but anyways – I've been on hypnosis session – regression therapy, and it helped a lot! I'm also doing right now EFT, and it's beating the shit out of anxious feelings (I've got health anxiety and somatic manifestation of those disorders), and am drinking coffe, drinking alcohol, sleeping well, and a lot of great improvements, which I've thought would never happen! So you guys try out those things too if others didn't work out!

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