Does CBD Get You High?

DOES CBD GET YOU HIGH? // In this video, get the answer to the question, “does cbd get you high”. Plus, find out how to use marijuana without getting high.


  1. i got high from german industriell hemp (finola: 0,2% THC, 3,4% CBD). For me it is a Fact that sensitive Peoble can get high on CBD. There are Peoble in Switzerland got high from CBD-Oil (in Siwitzerland with <1,0% THC) like you can read in the grower forum for example. Like me they almost never smoked THC before. So CBD (or an other Thing in Hemp than THC) can make a HIgh. I consumed 300-500 mg CBD in a Tea and i was every time high for Hours. it was not the same high than from thc because i didnt get paranoid like always on thc.

  2. I have a video on my channel where I report my experience getting high off CBD Oil (Elixinol), it now has 30 or more detailed comments from other people thanking me for sharing my experience because it happened to them too. I think it is rare but possible, I believe it will be common knowledge in the future.

  3. Lemme break it down for you in real terms…THC gives you that uppy giggly mind altering thought process changing..(cloudy) as you let the plant age the cloudy nature of the crystal heads change to amber signifying the THC is changing to CBNs and CBDs . The CBNs and CBDs are what create that lay you down muscle relaxing couch lock…give me food feeling…Both are definitely highs.. just clearly different like you stated on a Micro level. Furthermore..the government decision that CBDs don't get you high have no merit when obviously it completely warps the canniboid receptors. Hence the sit down couch lock feel that people account consider getting physically relaxes you… Hence inflammation control. The idea it doesn't get you high is so the government can make the transition from big pharma pills to something they can make even more money off of.. laboratory made CBDs. It's just to make mother's feel comfortable taking it…and your unwittingly helping the cause… that's why you get reports cbd has gotten patients high.. cause it does.

  4. In my experience, even 1:1 CBD:THC has a very weak psychoactive effect. Something that is 20:1 will have pretty much no psychoactive effect, even if it has, say 1% THC.

    The best and most cost effective CBD experience that I have found is vaping flowers. The effects are immediate and powerful. Some of the oils I tried were not that great and very expensive.

    I like to blend the high CBD flower with high THC, to get something around 1:1. This is great for working out, doing chores, or any physically demanding activity. It makes me slightly high for 20 minutes and then I am clear headed and focused. I’ve never taken Aderall, but it seems like a few puffs of a 1:1 and a cup of coffee really get me going with unparalleled focus. No couch lock at all.

    Great content, as usual!

  5. mango the fruit has a terpene named Myrcene, I found having mango before and after cbd does really intensifes thc and cbd. like really supercharges it. would be great if you did a video on that. and using cbd to get unhigh to undo thc's effects.

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