1. how really stupid when in fact people are ignorant and know no real facts about drugs, if they did, we would not have this problem, alcohol is a downer,,, pot there are only two types,,, upper and a downer, and different strands ,,, so really all this is , is a sales ploy,, for if you have a downer and another downer, same effect, when you have a downer and a upper, they counsel out and becomes a downer,, if you people was not so ignorant in everything and really know the laws, and other thing your life really depends on we would not be having any of thing

  2. Where is Coors Brewing located again? Oh that’s right, Golden COLORADO. I realize Coors is global. I just find it interesting that the timeline of decline in alcohol consumption directly coincides with more states legalizing marijuana. I would like to read a few studies on that.

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