1. Canadian Mafia hides in plain sight: Mike Amato at Charbonneau …
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    Sep 20, 2012 – Canada's mafiosi hide in plain sight, detective tells Quebec corruption inquiry. Where are the mafiosi? … Detective Mike Amato of York Regional Police's organized crime section said the Mafia has a wide presence in Canada but hides through infiltration of business, community and politics. [np-related /].

  2. Monsanto and Health Canada Cannabis – Cannabis Life Network
    Feb 1, 2016 – Large producers should not be allowed to spray any of these chemicals on flowering cannabis until testing has been completed. This chemical-treated cannabis is going to medical patients with lowered immune systems, respiratory problems, and a list of other complications, with Health Canada's approval.

  3. hello. I intend to send a series of letters to the senate and various ministers regarding the bills going threw to kill our culture and I encourage everyone to read and start sending their own. currently a work in progress but I think the first one is pretty ready to go.

    Hello. I am writing to you about grave concerns I have about bill C-46 and our justice system before I'm labeled a criminal and by doing so becoming disenfranchised by police and our justice system in what has the appearance of a racketeering scam manipulating science and facts to instill a sense of fear to establish an anchor point on which to prosecute Canadian citizens for the purposes of misappropriating funding for police and government to continue a failed policy the goal of which is to eliminate yet another one of our diverse cultures. The profits that could be derived from cannabis sales could do real good for our community and help us fix and heal our first nations communities. I have been closely following the events over the course of this debate as well as over the years others and let me tell you what I see.

    I see the government promoting a testing device using the broad narrative that it is scientifically proven and that's where their justification for the integrity of the device ends. Scientifically proven to do what detect trace amounts to determine presence of cannabis or THC? What about non psychoactive THC-A or CBD which some people absorb through using buds like chewing tobacco or even licking a joint sealed to transport? what if I cough up some black phlegm a few hours later re contaminating my mouth? What if I use my toothbrush after puffing then brush again the next day or any other general contamination that may occur in a non sterile test environment? I guess you figure that's where they figure their next fallible test comes in that where you take blood that isn't going to help but be saturated with TCH and I have a crippling and irrational phobia of needles.

    Given the government's official position that their approach to stopping cannabis was wrong but not their reason or ultimate goal of stamping it out because it's dangerous I do not have faith that objectivity is there to conduct the actual science to establish the relation between blood THC levels and impairment especially when hearing the government's reasoning behind the impairment problem assuming there even is a drug impairment problem related to cannabis. The argument the government puts forth for there being drug impaired driving is the number of accident death victims that have THC in their system is 40% and deaths from DD is 33% but this is yet another manipulation of scientific facts by putting forward another set of vague broad stats that when you really look at doesn't give you the whole picture. what is the overlap between DD death and deceased with cannabis in their system and was cannabis even the determining factor of the accident? Are cell phones or even the deceased not being the offending party being included? If data showed a much higher percentage of Canadiens consumed than originally thought how would that affect the stat? They don't even include the THC levels of the deceased.

    You would think if impairment was so obvious the Government would be able to provide not just better but more definitive evidence that is directly related to impairment and data not subject to coincidence and open to interpretation. If we let legislation for impairment pass under these standards then after legalization when those number can't help but rise then I see police and the safety ministry saying the current laws clearly are not enough we need more funding to tackle this problem and perhaps institute zero tolerance to the point of drug testing for the issuing of a driving licence. In fact it wouldn't surprise me if this is in fact a plan currently on the back burner to roll out in 2 or 3 years to further target and incentives youth to not start. Do studies not to determine where to set the THC limit but to determine if there even is impaired cannabis use. I heard disbelief that cannabis users think they can properly operate vehicles to the point of being disturbed well I am equally concerned and disturbed that a body of people who either don't or have never consumed cannabis have the experience or perspective to not only legislate but see fit to judge me for using.

    I see two ways the course of this great opportunity before us can go. One is a system that funds the police and finances the ultimate goal of persecuting and eradicating the very culture they intend sell to . A system that no one in the cannabis culture could possibly accept and participate but that defience is one of the cycles that feeds itself the police to further justify their position. No matter how much you beat us we will not fund our own destruction, persecution and the LPs will be lucky to get 5% – 10% of the market because of it. ANY profits from cannabis sales will not succeed in producing the funding for enforcing prohibition 2.0 let alone anything else. I demand this opportunity and funding not be wasted down the black hole that is the police budget fighting an artificial war!

    The second path is the police and government give up their crusade against cannabis and re assign the funds earmarked for police enforcement to rebuilding first nations communities their homes and their infrastructure, the opioid crisis, hospitals, military armed services pay and benefits, social and employment procurement programs and real cannabis research to add to the extensive body of knowledge already scientifically proven like the endocannabinoid system. If this is what the cannabis community saw they would line up out the doors. We in this country have a serious issue of wasting time and money to artificially created busy work that only serve a few and keeping everyone on the conversation page instead of action while people from indigenous communities to public works to people living with disabilities and everything else that is so very desperate for funding! We could have the first nations homes and infrastructure re built within 2 – 4 years! We could have a golden age of REAL PEACE and reconciliation!

  4. Much love JERRY!! I miss you buddy, glad your doing a bit better & I hope your stress & depression has gotten better brother!! Happy to see you doing as well as possible under the circumstances my man! I wish you the best of luck and hope all charges are dropped at MINIMUM! I hope your doing good in BC brother, & stressing less not having to deal with those two faced ignorant people from whitewood (NOT ALL) but look at all you did & donated, yet, so many people treated you like shit. I have a friend there, Pain killers like PERCS have gotten 10x worse since you left pal.. They MISS you, I Miss you pal!!

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