Cannabis Club Barcelona Nectar Club, Buds and Hash, Shatter, Wax & Oils on Hash Bar TV

This week we check out the Nectar Club a Cannabis Social Club in Barcelona, we check out the Buds and Hash, Shatter, Wax & Oils in stock.


  1. What's the score with cannabis social clubs in Mallorca?el arenal,specifically llucmajor?I'm going straight to llucmajor and I want to find a cannabis social club,in the UK we have menus sent to our mobile phone and then they deliver it to your house,i don't want to be fucking around in the street with bums and rip offs,I want to walk into a club and purchase cannabis the legal way,like in Holland and along the German boarder

  2. Im from Portugal and im planning a trip to Barcelona! Am i welcome to entre in that wonderful bar? I went to Amsterdam 2 times so, i cant wait to visit some clubs at barcelona 🙂

  3. Man I hope you have all your veido's backed up YouTube has Terminated many channels I would hate to see you get wronged and loose all this work to some asshole….PEACE

  4. Nectar Club has some really nice weed! Grown in Spain and Imported from Cali! All flavours I get there are always on point!
    Will be back in March for a whole week of testing out the flowers and solventless Concentrates 🙂

    But as far as Budtenders go….okay all the ladys in the CSC`s are nice…. but I like to get my Bud from a stoner or a real stoner girl these girl´s in basically all the CSC´s look more like models to me haha please don´t understand me wrong it is not bad…but the knowledge of the products I doubt is at 100% :).

    The weed maybe not yet on point with Cali but definitely with Colorado 🙂 I was getting only bone dry [email protected] Denver dispensarys and I really visited a few and all of the weed was bone dry + what I also like in Barcelona is all the Hash they have there :).
    And I think as far as the Ice-o Lator of DrySift go Spain can definitely hold it up against the best in the World.

    1. Cali Weed
    2. Barcelona Weed

    somewhere here Amsterdam Weed :))))

  5. The girls over their arent bad at all and those accents, hopefully everything is working out for you guys. Sucks you couldnt wait to for legalization here to still be on the beach. Venice misses you lol.

  6. Could you explain me why they import weed from U.S.???? There's so much sun in Spain!!!!
    Or is it "cali" strain(all strain come from Amsterdam to start) grown in Spain!
    Is anyone know where to go to find a grower job in Spain!!???? I speak French and English plus a bit of Spanish…I build led lights(COB) who pull 1.3/1.4 gram per watt indoor…and I am a weednerd so my life is dedicated to this plant!!😉
    Have a lifted one

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