Canadian Marijuana Technical Analysis Chart 8/18/2018 by

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  1. I recently made the jump from learning crypto exclusively, to opening an online account for stock trading. I was able to make a very small initial deposit, (didn't want to risk much in a new space) and waited probably 2 or 3 months before making my first stock trade. My first trade was TRLY after looking into it based on a TCG video the other day. I am happy to report that I locked in profits at +8% !! I then realized that because I staggered my entry and exits on very small initial capital, and because of the flat fee schedule with my online broker, most of my profits went to commissions. But – my account was still in the green with profits in the end, and when all was said and done I learned a valuable lesson about commissions. Now I am excited to learn about markets beyond crypto that I never would have had the confidence to learn before. I appreciate the work you all do in all markets. Cheers.

    Edit: Re: small capital. Through pure coincidence – I just started watching your options trading (new to me) video in the members area after writing this.

  2. I don't trade MJ yet still watch the videos. Something about the presentations style. Soothing. Almost meditative. πŸ™‚

    It is clear you care more about this than crypto at the moment. You can hear it in your voice. Congrats on a good week, Dan.

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