Am I an addict? How I diagnosed myself with an addiction problem

How I determined that I suffer from addiction and am an “addict” which initiated my recovery where I’ve now been sober 5 years. If you or a loved one struggle …


  1. I was thinking about this. I am just as vulnerable as most people when it comes to addiction, thank god I realized this while i'm smoking weed, playing too many video games and drinking a bit of alcohol.

    I fell into a Yu-Gi-Oh addiction twice, a Warhammer 40k addiction once. They weren't that bad but I did sacrifice a few small things just to buy a new card or Warhammer model. I think it would be my experience to the cycle of addiction. It become the top priority in your life. It's like your brain has urges to feed it because it see's it as your pillar of survival and everything else is just extra. It would have made my life more enjoyable if I enjoyed what I had, spent less money, and did more with what I had. But I just wanted the next thing and barley spent time to learn the rules of the game better or actually paint the models. I guess it's just lessons now. I'm not saying i'm a addict but I can probably relate.

  2. Triangle of addiction that i made by myself = you have problem if A. It affectes your Social relations in negative way B. Your health physically and/or mentally C. if it affects your finances negative, in non planned way. (Shit, filled almost all of them.)

  3. You're amazing. You are so right, realizing I was addicted was just as simple as understanding that I had a problem and i decided to stop. It is so possible for ANYONE. Mind over matter.

  4. I've battled (and won [1 year sober last Feb]) against opiate and cocaine addiction, and I have a friend who has never touched a drink in his life (he even drinks decaf coffee) but he had to have therapy because he was addicted to porn. At first I didn't take him seriously, but he's been "fap" free for like 2 years and when he was watching porn it led him down real depression…. Which to me is crazy. But I guess it goes to show you, there's a vice out there for everyone! The human brain is designed for addiction!

  5. I suffer from clinical depression and so I try and discract myself from it by binge watching YouTube videos, binge listening to music or Podcasts, watching TV, watching soap operas, watching pro wrestling, playing video games, using social media, using dating apps, drinking coffee, drinking energy drinks, eating chocolate and other eating high sugary foods, gambling, drinking alcohol, watching porn, masturbating, having sex, exercise and I have done illegal drugs in the past too. I think I may be a polly addict too, as I can't seem to do anything that I enjoy doing without becoming obessed and addicted to it to the point I feel like it takes over me and rules my life.

  6. 1:25 good point about the addict term. if your sickly overweight and desperate for facebook likes and play world of warcraft 8 hours a day your not an addict. if your're in great shape and have a stimulation and exiting life, and occasionally use drugs, your an addict :/ we humans addict. that's what we do. it might be to good things like work or exercise. it might be to bad things like abusing relationships or meth

  7. I’m addicted to coke. If I go a few days without it, I’m fine. But as soon as something triggers a memory, or I hear someone talk about coke, I get a sudden urge to buy it that day. And the cycle repeats every few days or so. I usually buy 1-2 grams per week. Its not a pre-meditated thing. Just a heat of the moment situation. I’m wasting all of my money on it, keep telling myself “last time,” but cant fight the sudden urge. Any suggestions on how to fight something thats just automatic for me?

  8. I'm in such a weird place in my life right now. I smoke a whole lot of weed, and do other drugs very occassionally when i feel up to it. Once a month, approximately. I do well in school and it's actually going really well despite all this, so i don't know if it's really a problem. I feel like smoking weed in my day to day life is a problem, but it doesn't make itself out to be enough of a problem to not smoke weed, if that makes sense. Because i can afford it, my parents don't mind me smoking weed one bit, my friends all do it too, everyone does it. Especially where i live, in the netherlands, where it's legal and everyone can get their hands on good good bud. I feel depressed alot and weed helps me deal with these thoughts while not escaping them completely, i feel like i should be able to do it on my own but weed is such a good crutch that i don't really wanna

  9. Hey bro I really don’t have a way to schedule a way to talk to you. I don’t have any PayPal or card I can use. I would greatly appreciate if you can possibly give a drop box address or anyway I can mail money ? Please bro and thank you if you need any of my contact info I will give you my email or #. Anyway to get in contact lol I have story I know you would love to hear thank you for your positive videos

  10. hi Cg, really love your videos.. Its extremely hard to get the actual unbiased truth about drugs, thanks for making it easier.

    Are there any positive drugs that can help you cope up with the loses, or help with concentration n laziness. Just wanted to know if there are alt side to this

  11. Such words of wisdom. EVERYONE struggles with addiction. Thank you for saying that, I wish it was taught in school (along with dysfunctional relationships and personality disorders). I am curious what you would say the difference is between being in "recovery" as opposed to having addiction transference?

  12. I'm sympathetic to a point for addicts….but then I look at how they've affected my life and I want to murder every single addict.

    My house, and 12 others were burned to the ground because the crack house across the street and way down the street existed.
    They were fighting over a crack pipe and the bitch threatened to burn their own house down if he didn't give her the pipe and he called her on it and she lit the house on fire which grew to the largest fire in my city's history….

    80+ people became homeless, my disabled Vietnam veteran neighbor committed suicide over this, my other neighbor – an Iraq vet marine became homeless over this, my other neighbor just had his first baby.. .twins that month and their car and everything burned up.

    Because of somebody else's addiction, somebody I didn't even know, I lost EVERYTHING I ever worked for after the insurance company fought my claim and denied it and because I had nothing I couldn't sue them. The assholes who caused this didn't have insurance either so suing them wasn't an option. Complete total loss and I was at that point homeless myself for a time.

    When addicts tell me I should be understanding of THEIR issue I remind them this morning I woke up in a living fucking hell that somebody else and THEIR issue has cost me.

    I actually don't know if i can get over this happening to me and I find myself thinking about suicide having to start over again at 37 years old. I was a good person who worked and tried to climb and pull myself to better things and this has ruined everything. I wish I was an addict so I'd have at least a fucking excuse to my demise but I'm not and I'm lost because of an addicts choices.

  13. Hey bro I am struggling and need some kind of help. I live in Frisco close by you. Maybe even ran into you before but how could I remember. I don’t know what to do at this point so I am reaching out. See what happens from here

  14. Everyone has an addiction, its the way humans work, some like coffee, some shop some hoard money there are so many ways that people achieve their regular dopamine hit. The problem arrives when some peoples prefered method of dopamine production is illegal.
    It really sucks how we discriminate against people who like to do certain things in the privacy of their own homes. We have stopped discriminating against people who like to put a penis into their body in the privacy of their own homes, one day we will stop discriminating against everything else. In 100 years we shake our heads at this barbaric era. Unfortunately ill be dead but one day my great grand kids will not have this problem bc i am certain they will have an addiction.

  15. How come some drugs are classified as addictive because they cause withdrawal, but other mainly prescription drugs aren’t classed as addicted because they instead have a “discontinuation syndrome”. Should we just scrap the term withdrawal from usage and use “discontinuation syndrome”.

  16. I see the terms “addictive” used to describe food and restaurants, “binge worthy and bingeable” are common terms for shows that are deemed worth while to watch.
    there is this silly paradigm where addictive things are described as good but being addicted to them is beyond heinous. Addiction is a reward and motivation dysfunction, where basically doing the addictive thing is no longer fun.

  17. I think addiction can't be defined loosely.

    When you combine an individual who has GENES that make him more impulsive and more sensitive to dopaminergic pathways and put that person in an environment where he is traumatized (to some extent) and needs a degree of escapism, that's where I think addiction begins.

  18. This video helped me decide I am actually an addict, I've been telling myself that because I'm not dependant on any one substance I'm not an addict, but I've been increasingly aware that dependence and addiction are not mutually bound. I use heroin some days, cocaine, alcohol, benzos, weed, speed on others, but the theme of my life is an overarching need to escape my reality most days, I can do a day or 3 sober here and there but the need to escape always begins to peck at me. My dad died a few months ago from a pretty traumatic death from cancer, and now my mum is dying from cancer – really shitty run of luck for my family, but I've found this has ramped up my need to escape and therefore the frequency I use drugs to alter my perception. I have a desire to live an authentic life and I want to give up getting high, I say, as I drink a beer…

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