Hey guys!! Welcome back to another weekly grocery haul! This week I have a huge WinCo haul. I got tons of groceries because I only got produce last week at …


  1. I would love to see you do a haul for a small party or get-together. I am just having a few girls over for a simple pool party and I spent $135 at the grocery store for it, ugh.

  2. I love to watch your hauls, but wanted to let you know that Eckrich is owned by Smithifield, which in turn is owned by WH Group of China. I know that does not matter to some, but I like to keep others informed about the food in this country! Yes, they have facilities here in the US, but also in other countries, so who knows where the meat is coming from. Just a heads up!!!

  3. Great haul ! I love WinCo ! I always feel like I get more food for the buck ! I’ll have to get those laundry bags for my veggies .. great idea ! Have you been to any farmers markets out there? Whenever I visit family (around your area) there are beautiful orchards & what seems to be fruit cities lol .. I’ve always thought there must be awesome farmers markets .. I love my Zaycon too! Have u bought anything else besides chicken ? Curious 😀

  4. Yes! The end of the school year gets long. Lots more cereal and oatmeal. Tomorrow is their last day. My oldest graduated 2 years ago, my son is a senior next year, and my youngest a sophomore. I cannot wait for the year to be over. Awesome haul. TFS!!

  5. hi, amanda! i have got to look for those bags at the d.t. we use our own grocery bags here and i am so tired of all the plastic. either that or stores need to have paper bags as an option. i'm surprised that here if cali, more stores don't have other options. thanks for sharing – have a good good good evening! ~k

  6. I really wish that they would put WinCo store in all of Arkansas….that is where I live. I would shop at WinCo if it came to my town!!!! Amanda guess what show up on my door step today???? My first box of Grove products. My husband & I are loving the honeysuckle scent the most. Thank you so much for sharing all your videos with me!!! I would love to see you do the lemonade recipe!!! I make my lemonade as a lemon shake up drink…which can sometimes be to sweet. I can't wait for your next video!!! Take care & Big Hugs to you!!!

  7. I was able to finally find your bags you use for your produce. I am excited 😆 I can’t wait to use them. I never thought about buying sugar in bulk. Zucchini in the veggie quesadillas I never thought about using zucchini. I must try that recipe. Great haul.

  8. i use the fruit and vege dt bags now too. great idea! i also like your shirt. simply lemonade is good. and i just baked a big pan of oatmeal that i plan on topping with berries for breakfast.

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