♡ Florida Medical Marijuana REVIEW | TRULIEVE ORAL SYRINGE 200mg cannabis oil♡ (legal in Florida)

finally i am back & i made a review to share with you about the trulieve oral syringe which is a different product from the truCLEAR product. *the autofocus thing …


  1. HELP!!! i recently purchased an item from my state dispenary in CT, but im not exactly sure what it is, not what i thought. its called "Sapphire Pure Oil K T344 – Vape Refill, Oral Syringe & Concentrate" IN CT they cant call strains by there real name hence the name sapphire, the T344 is 344mg of THC. its comes in a syringe like ive seen on your videos. my question is how do i use it? are there multiple ways, such as using it like any other shatter, or also refill my vape cartrige?? can i eat it too? im confusesd.

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