1. Only two drugs I ever want to try is psilocybin mushrooms and DMT. I want to start with mushrooms to get a feel for what hallucinating is alike, then I will try DMT. I’ve been doing hard research all over the internet about these substances for over a year. I’m 15, and also waiting until I’m a legal adult to try them. I want to explore my consciousness and see what other dimensions are like (I 100% believe DMT can take you to alternate dimensions). I’m also depressed for reasons that I don’t want to state. I have anxiety and anxiety attacks. My way of life is attacking my fears and ripping them out of me no matter what it takes. I am not going to use it just to get high, rather as a tool. I know of all the risks, but I am okay with it and am willing to take the risk. My main focus is on DMT, because I feel like I cannot die without experiencing a breakthrough. I also need closure for my beliefs of alternate dimensions. To be honest, I don’t feel like myself, I’m hoping these psychedelics will have the opposite effect of depersonalization for me. Maybe I will find myself and maybe get some closure knowing that I have somewhere to go when I die. (I’m not Christian, so please don’t bring up Heaven or anything like that). I believe there is not only one Universe, rather an infinite amount of energy beyond what the human mind can understand. I feel like our dimension and our course of history as a Universe is a speck on a timeline just like Earth is a speck in our own Universe. I believe everything exists. Every history of time and every physics system. Nothing doesn’t exist. So maybe I can find some light to knowing that existence as a human is utterly pointless, and that maybe we will serve another bigger purpose when we die. If you read this, good job. Have a cookie.

  2. I´ve done a fair amount and acid and I agree partly but mostly because of most people being unable to respect LSD. That goes for me too, I took acid the first time when I was 16 and took 250ug and smoked a ton of weed. I remember seeing myself die the most horrific ways you can imagine and seeing like I was playing split screen like in COD, which made me freak out even more because I didn't know what reality was real. 2nd trip with a lot of friends same dose and a ton of weed again didn't go any better at all, even though never seemed to suffer any trauma or anything from the experience

    I have taken LSD after those 2 incidents and the reason I dared to try it again was since my friends seemed to enjoy LSD so incredibly much and I had nothing but very bad experience with it, but the 3rd time I took a 150ug dose without any weed and that just made me like so sad for the duration of the trip, because I realized that life was suffering and that being alive could be seen more as a curse, not a blessing and that life was so ridiculously pointless since everything that makes us happy is just chemicals being released in our brain. I´m fairly sure I have never felt as sad as i did as the 3rd I tried LSD it just felt like all the happiness in me was gone

    After more trips, I did seem to be able to enjoy LSD, but its, not something I really enjoyed the high of all that much it was really cool and unique experience that really made me see in a perspective that did give me some insight not in a spiritual sense though, i dont really regret taking it but I really wish i had waited until i was older and treated the drug with way more respect

    But if anyone is going to trip on and psychedelics I honestly think on of the most important things that way too many people done use are trip killers like Xanax and valium. For example, my brother did 450ug of acid just with me and he had done 150 before, 250, 300 but 450 was a first time for him. A little while into the LSD he seemed to become a little stressed and I ended up giving him quetiapine(anti-psychotics). Quetiapine stops the hallucinations and makes you able to fall asleep fairly easily on LSD, but not for my brother since he was on such a high dose of LSD and since he started freaking out more so he was unable to lay still for more than 3 secs let alone close his eyes for more than 1 sec. So since he freaked out to much to pass out the Quetiapine just made him even more gone and at this point, he was repeating the same random stuff again and again then screaming for me to help him and make it stop, sadly I could not say much to calm him down as i don't think he was able to comprehend what i was saying

    Long story short, he ended up running around outside in his boxers screaming for help midday. He started to jump into the asphalt many times, giving him really bad bruises. Then 2 police officer came to get him hospitalized but he ended up fighting the police so they needed 3 more police officer to get cuffs on him, since he was totally manic at this point. He even tried to break the cuffs using his hands which gave him some of the worst cuts on someones wrists ive ever seen.

    All of that could have been avoided if i had just had a xanax or valium to give him

  3. I wish I had this video several months ago. Everywhere I looked, as In EVERYWHERE, the only danger anyone ever talked about, was 'bad trips' (which I am yet to experience) and not the very real, horrible down sides. I were using LSD as frequently as I could, preferably 2 times a week with doses ranging from at least 250-1000 mics. (Too heroic and too damn stupid) I had read too little about HPPD as it was not being treated like how much of a danger it really can be (I was very vulnerable to drugs at the time and naive believing LSD had no downsides, I know. No need to point it out) so one day, it hit me so hard in my face when I woke up after a hard trip. I could barely remember my phone if I took it out of my pocket and put it away. Simple tasks became unbearable and sometimes I'd get huge visual flashbacks (my eyes were flowing in dim colours, patterns, geometry etc. open and closed) especially cause I kept smoking. Very irrational.

    What I am getting at, is that your video talks about a forgotten taboo. Dangers beside the fears we fear to face.
    Thank you.
    -if you read this, be smarter than me. I love you.

  4. It would be interesting to know, over your well established long term abuse of drugs, when exactly you inserted 'psychedelics' into it ? And which ones ? I'm curious. It seems that the spirituality you preach is born out of your bad experiences no ? Sometimes a good scare can wake you the F**k Up. Life is for living and there are a thousand million things to appreciate..I don't think you are a tripper at all, but likely abused said 'psychedelics' . Yup abusing them will mess you up. But proper and careful use can be mind blowing and life altering in a positive way, much like your journey through the hell of drugs has led you to a spirituality…

  5. If you watch the whole video, then there is no reason to hate on it.
    Great message, personally I found spiritual practices first (Wim Hof Method, AP, LD, veganism, and meditation) before I knew about psychedelics. In my opinion, if you combine and utilize all the practices in the right way they could be very rewarding. I find that taking psychedelics are like catalyst moments. They show you something in a short period of time, but after the trip, it is 100% you trying to implement the messages from the trip into your life.

  6. I find with psychedelics especially LSD with even the tiniest of things can turn traumatic. Like everything looping for 4 hours straight thinking events keep happening over and over again, and another time where everything was static and then turned into darkness. Pretty much lead to 3 months of anxiety of imagining bad things happening like a car accident, or a mini panic attack when trying to fall asleep in the dark.

    Truffles is a much more forgiving psychedelic and it's a lot easier to surrender into the craziness, although the come up can be pretty intense especially along with the nausea. I couldn't separate my thoughts and mind it was like they were combined into one. So being yourself was intensified. I think it would be great to do again but ideally once a year because there's something about it that feels like you don't want to ruin it. It euphoria is also similar to MDMA and did also have a short lasting coming of a couple of hours, then the next day just felt hungover.

    MDMA + Weed is interesting but can be overwhelming with the short term memory issues. It can be quite visual but interacting with people becomes impossible. Other than that it does help with the come down but not the upcoming week of feeling depressed.

    Over all I think things are ok in moderation and of course it isn't for everyone. I am thankful that they have some consequences like come downs in order to realise that it shouldn't be abused or taken for granted.

  7. no hate dear brother , just a question , could it be , that psychedelics cultivated that point of view in the first place? i totally get that these substances created major havoc in your life but maybe, just maybe did they also play a part in you being the "awesome you" that you are right here right now?

  8. I need the support group you mentioned. But how to find it in this world? More and more people are asleep, religious, stubbornly ideological. I find it more and more difficult to relate to anyone – even worse, their worldview is hellish to me. I want to quit cannabis – trying. Managed a couple days this week, but good lord, its waaaaay tougher than I expect (and I was prepared for the worst). Does it make sense to leave and find a location I feel comfortable? In NY, Long Island, I just feel stuck, clastrophobic, and completely isolated from the tribal / collectivist / conformists around me. Very depressing – went through Lyme disease and lost family / friends who also can't handle reality. Very painful – that joint lets me feel calm, gives me respite from the crippling depression, etc. I try exercise – it's hard with Lyme though. Look, love your vids, you rock! I'm just struggling seeing how this is going to be possible. I'm a danger to myself and others without the cannabis – thinking of tapering off slower, I know that sounds weasely – but I almost killed myself going cold turkey. Reality looked like literal hell – I have a high IQ, lots of talent and sensitivity – I love people on one level, but I hate their minds. I hate their high school tribalism antics. I hate the bullying, the conformity, the idiotic view of reality. Meanwhile I have very real health issues. Sorry. Rambling. Tough….. thanks

  9. Hey man! I downloaded the ShamelessProtocol chat app from the Apple Store. However, when I open the app it always crashes before fully loading. Do you have any insight as to why this happens? I absolutely love your compassion and your message, and I certainly want to be able to be a part of your SP community. I have an iPhone 7, could it be too outdated?

  10. I had a terrible trip on acid once where my anxiety got so bad my heart was hurting, I actually hallucinated that I had died, and after the fact for about a year, I was convinced I had actually died and was now living in an alternate reality, it was insane mourning people that weren't dead because I thought the "real" them was in another reality missing the "real" me and I will NEVER take acid again. (And it isn't like I didn't know what I was doing or what to expect, it wasn't the first time I'd done it.)

  11. Nothing more annoying then acid heads… yeee man so close with nature… please shut the fuck up and stop doing this shit and changing ur personality… everyone I know that does acid on the reg is not the same person anymore.. Why would u do something that changes ur personality for the rest of ur life..

  12. i'm using psych, only a legal one and i test it before consume it. psych did helped me with mental issue, traumatic experience, and it helped me being more empathy. I don't think i will use it recreationally, because it's just too overwhelm.

  13. Totally agree with you. I lived this but I experienced it smoking pot (which is technically a psychedelic drug). I was trying to have sex with this girl I didn't really trust to much and I started having a panic attack because I felt like I wanted to fall in love with her and I kinda rejected that idea, so my heart started to hurt real bad because of the anxiety; I remember that I was saying back and forth "man this girl is going to cheat on me as soon as we get together" etc etc, and take into consideration that Im a really healthy and fit guy, I work out everyday and eat really well and I still went through this, so imagine if your overweight or have hypertension. My conclusion and what I learned from that experience was that I had to take life more seriously and have my priorities straight and stop fooling around, I needed to grow up and be a man because I was fooling myself by trying to be a player and I wasn't being true to myself and I wasn't respecting neither me or anyone else and that was hurting me. So yeah I quit pot after that and I went through like a big process and realized I wanted to take thing slow and build a nice strong and stable loving relationship with someone who likes to work out like I do and just be happy ✌. Much love to all! ❤

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