1. Lobsters are not animals they're cockroaches, yuck!!! Bugs that's what they are. As are most of the so called seafood we eat apart from fish. I was taught this in an etymology class while working in the pest control industry!!!

  2. walks up to a deaf and mute
    Stupid Cannibal : Hey. I dont know if you can feel pain so imma just cook you alive with the assumption you cant feel pain. Boils in water
    Man is showing signs of pain
    Stupid Cannibal : Oh wow. It looks so much better!
    Takes a bite
    And tastes so much better!
    does some research
    It can save my life because they grow dangerous bacteria in 1 hour?
    I should keep doing this because there is no downsides for me!
    Sounds horrible?
    Thats basically what we do to lobsters.

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  4. What a waste of time. Looking for recipes and this shit shows up. Ban drop boiling? Just cause the govt may ban it doesn't mean imma stop cooking em that way. Ask pot heads if it bothers them they break federal laws. No? There's yer answer. Too much govt oversight of our lives as it is. Making this and future generations some real worthless dick socks. Damn this country need a modern outlaw hero.

  5. boiling them alive is simply the best way to kill them trust me I've killed a bunch of them tried cutting them splitting their head etc. if you toss them into water they die in a matter of seconds…

  6. In New South Wales, my home State in Australia, animal protection legislation applies specifically and exclusively to vertebrate species. I think this is also the case in many other legal jurisdictions. So participants in goldfish-swallowing contests will be liable to prosecution, whereas species such as lobsters and octopuses, from "lower" phyla, can be tortured with impunity.

  7. First of all if countries start banning lobsters than the food chain will be messed up because like he said we (humans) have been eating lobsters since Roman times.

  8. Human life is very short ! We all have got very few years to live! Later we MIGHT have to face GOD ! And then ,there may start the account of our good and bad deeds ,we did, while on this earth !
    So ……..

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