What Did Cocaine Feel Like? My First “Hard Drug” (Harm Reduction/Education)

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  2. trust me im not a fan of cocaine but if you shoot it its 99% different first 10 seconds from injection seems like you are in a metal trash can with someone banging on the side for a longer then comfortable time prob what feels like 30 sec heart feels like it will explode and then comes a hour or so of good feeling and then turned into a base paranoia that makes you question the room you are in and that encompases the next hour i ve herd that that is wht smoking crack feels like but i ve never smoked it oh ps i live in az so i got fairly good drugs

  3. I have the same reaction to coke. Basically nothing, regardless of how much I do or how good it is. The only blatantly noticeable effect I got from one lot of coke was my uvula swelled up which made it harder to swallow. I've not touched it since, seeing as it's pretty much a waste in regards to the effect it has on me.

  4. Tried it once, was always hesitant because it can be cut with speed or other stuff. Decided to try it as I have a friend who gets it and guaranteed it's "safety". Honestly felt like I'd had a strong energy drink at most, which considering the price and terrible comedown, was a huge waste of money.

  5. What I've noticed is that Cocaine doesn't really work the first Time(s) the most people try it (just like Weed), everyone is different and it took me like 3 times until I got the euphoria

  6. I have had the same effects as you.. nothing.. every time I try it I'm disappointed, and using it while drinking, I also feel sober.. and when I tried it sober, still nothing.. so I don't touch it, even if it's offered, I wouldn't waste my money on that shit.

  7. I did cocaine 3 times… i get really relaxed on cocaine … slightly euphoric on some moments but… yea i would say its like coffeine (without tolerance i get a lot more euphoric on coffeine xD)

    And i dont get a down either xD… but maybe i need better stuff … or do more … or what ever … no thanks, saves me some money xD

    What i learned from cocaine (or what i want to bring back to the sober life):
    How to be relaxed as hell 😀

  8. Its just coke man its really not a big deal i do it when i can afford it find it not cut with nauseating shit but yeah its not that big of a deal just a suttle little high ill never understand you goofy ass coke heads plus the coke comedown is absolutely miserable the high isnt even worth it

  9. Maybe because you had used other drugs before and in some ways, it did some damages to your brain. So that you are less sensitive to some substances because you lose the receptors of that substances in your brain. Just a guess. There should be a proper statistic test to be done to study this.

  10. The same happens to me, first time i tried it same exact scenario as yours and that was 3 years ago, I spent quiet a bit of money on it but i only bought when I went to parties with friends cuz they would also buy so in my mind, stupidly enough, I didn't want to be the only one that didn't buy because I was afraid that they would get mad at me (this happened at least 30 times throughout this 3 years) and recently like 4 months ago I decided to be honest with them about the fact that I just didn't feel that euphoria that they felt and ofc they started saying that I was lying that I was just trying to look cool because I had a high tolerance to it even though that sounds dumb af because whats better than getting high on low doses right? So I told them that its not that I don't like it, its just that it isn't for me, this didn't mean that I would stop doing it, I told my friends that if someone offers me a line, hell yeah I'll do it but only because I don't want to turn down something someone is offering me and even less when they seem so happy as if they are doing a great thing for my by giving me a line which has been most of the times if not all of them that I was given a free line since I stopped buying it.

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  12. Cocaine is such an odd drug. I've never gotten extreme euphoria from it, I just like the energy and racing heart but it is extremely overrated. When i first did it I was hyped up to do it and was really disappointed but the odd thing about it, is I like it a lot. But I can't figure out why. It isn't anything compared to drugs like mdma. It's definitely dangerous, cuz I like it and wanna do more but at the same time I'll say "this isn't really good at all, or worth while."

  13. I've done coke a couple times and I gotta say I get why it's addictive. The "high" it gives is really menial but the ability to sober up in any situation is really handy. And it took me 5 or so times before I understood the high and actually enjoyed it

  14. Cocaine doesnt make you feelgood the same way md does the "good" feeling people talk about on cocaine is more of a confidence feeling like in alchohol but more "clear headed"

  15. That happened me on party in my house i was drunk and i tried amphetamine(speed) and its just got me sober and i was sniffing all night until morning, and i sniffed around 30 lines and i could not sleep and i kept using it and i said no more and i stopped… depression and lost apetite next day was horrable..

  16. my boyfriend (now ex) have done waaaay more than a gram of the damn nearest purest grade. we're still here. he drinks a lot though, i do not. i just got hooked because i was around him but i only had an overdose after my 3rd time but then my tolerance increased. now i only do it occasionally but i don't crave it anymore cause drips gross me tf out

  17. I have that exact reaction when I do coke… it just makes me do more and more to try and get that feeling that all of my friends seem to get. However, it does make me a lot me sociable

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