1. Hope you weren’t talking about the Dave Rubin interview Scotty? He is a Koch brothers sellout boot kicking fascist who also happens to be gay so he thinks he can somehow punk the left

  2. yo..DGC! long time lurker, first time engagin' with the crew. checking in from deep in the bowels of our fully compliant and never complacent "commercial grow" here in NorCal. i pump the spotihigh version of the potcast in our trim room daily but officially upgrading to the visual variant this mornin'. so shoutsthefuckouts from the warehouse. i'll get some sexy pics up on the gram soon…i guess. feels fuzzy after all these years of living that grow pic free life. so..thanks for having us DGC. looking forward to…hold on..WHAT?! PHOTO-MF'N-TRON?! i pulled a couple rounds of schwag in one of those back in that day. til' i turned it into a closet mushroom machine. pulled many, many fine trips os fun guys out of that thing. oh man…before the interwebs we only had a coupkle sources boys and girls. one of those..for a long time, the only one of those, was an amazing dreamy, weedporny, wishlistry, all powerful BACK PAGES OF HIGH TIMES. that WAS the internet. That and a little thing called BNP. R.I.P. Tapers.

    i digress…because it's harvest day here at hq. sexy pics to come. Cheers!

  3. These assholes have made lucrative careers out of busting people like us for decades..and now they want us to buy weed from them..no….no…..fuck no. Good try fuckers.
    One Legalization

  4. I work in a fast paced, HIGH production collision repair center. I work about 60 man hours and flag 120 commison hours a week. That's pretty efficient, flagging two for one. They say Cody how can you do that stoned and I say I can't do it unless I'm stoned. When I'm irie working sheet metal and straighting frames is art when im not its work.

  5. When I was a youngster I would always let my friends roll the joints. Than one day I sat down with a sack of herb and a pack of papers and started rolling. For a while I was Rollin pregos. Slowly got better and now I can roll you a fatty in one hand. I always get someone saying, "Damn, that's a fat ass joint.

  6. In my opinion, Big Alcohol should piss right off and keep their poison away from Cannabis – Devil's Juice!!!! For years alcohol has been selfishly destroying people's lives for profit!

  7. I'm still all for beer companies making cannabis infused beverages, simply because it helps mainstream and destigmatize cannabis. Anything that helps end prohibition is a good thing in my opinion. As long as they dont try getting a monopoly liscense on producing it or something to that effect, it's going to only help the home grower produce their own medicine, or rec

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