The Sinaloa Cartel Is Alive And Thriving Without El Chapo: VICE News Tonight

The Sinaloa drug cartel is the largest cartel in the world, and it’s estimated to rake in $3 billion a year. VICE News visited Mexico’s Golden Triangle, the …


  1. The Sinaloa drug cartel is the largest cartel in the world, and it’s estimated to rake in $3 billion a year. VICE News visited Mexico’s Golden Triangle, the stronghold of the Sinaloa cartel, just days before the extradition of drug lord El Chapo.
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  2. You have to destroy the drug operation from the ground up. The only way to destroy them is to initiate a full military campaign that will take years to complete. The old “cutting the head off of the snake” methodology will not work in today’s world. Organizations are more prepared for succession in command scenarios. You have to disrupt the operation from the lowest command, the ground troops. Sweep and clear operations must be conducted by the US military, the Mexican government is a joke. A true sweep and clear takes commitment and discipline. You want an example, look at the 2003 Iraq Invasion. Complete dominance by the US military. Not so good of a follow through but the initial shock and awe was amazingly effective.

  3. Off Course the Mexican Cartels are alive , the CIA- MOSSAD and Wall Street run all drug trade and money laundry operations worldwide .

    The US Deep State is also operating in Mexico……..Wake up People!

  4. ive never understood, especially in this case, how vice and or other organizations like vice can get these interviews with these types of people. like with drug dealers. obviously they agree to not use their names and what not, but whyyyy would they risk having vice/others knowing where they live/thrive??

  5. When Trump said that Mexico sends murderers, drug dealers, etc I was upset. And now Vice is implying that Mexicans are murderers and drug dealers?! This is so racist! Vice is pro-trump! There are no drugs, cartels, murderers, rapists, drug dealers in Mexico!

  6. For god’s sake just change the laws. Make it all cheap. Try and remove the ghastly violence associated with it. That would be better for the US and much much better for Latin America. Some people are always going to use drugs…. and yes, some promising lives will be ruined weather its legal or not. I don’t particularly like the idea but I think in the long run it would save many lives. Just do it.

  7. Jumping off a cliff can’t be healthy.. drugs aren’t healthy.. how can we stop it?.. can’t… mfs looking ignorant trying.. there’s a number of things people do that’s stupid and not healthy. Live your life not everyone else’s.

  8. The approach to the drug war (there are legal pharmaceutical companies that produce heroin and cocaine) is stupid. Again, governments are going after their poorest, most uneducated and most abused citizens. The underlying problems, the root/cause are poverty, bad living conditions, an uneducated populace, no access to critical infrastructure and services. Seeing government officials going after these people in this manner is sad, funny and enraging. How many soldiers or cops do you know who are educated to the core on humanitarian issues, pharmaceuticals, ethics? Governments are far worse.

  9. Supply and demand. Stop the demand. The supply will go no where. And they lose,money. They go down. How shitty must the lives of 1 million+ americans must be that they resort to heroin abuse? My god, can these people,not get a life? Everything about the americans lifestyle, the poverty. The lack of supports in place… Just makes the country a real shit one. Allowing the mexicans to profit while americans kill themselves with heroin.

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  11. Like arresting and extraditing El Chapo was ever gonna change anything lol The only thing extraditing El Chapo to the USA does is cost us millions and millions and more millions and then some more millions for his trial. All so our government can act like they acheived something by bringing him hear and putting him on trial. But that does not and will not stop the cartels from doing what they do. Every now and then the goverment wants somebody big so they can act like they are doing something. The whole war drugs is a croc of sh*t.

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