The LDS Church has a Religious Objection to Medical Marijuana in Utah

I still can’t wrap my head around why any religion would have an objection to medical marijuana. But here we are again, talking about it as another religion …


  1. Mormon maggots are only in the business to make money and to push their fake moral imperative on their weak congregates so they can retain they're phony empire. In the end these outrage actors will go down in smoldering flames because people are sick of the rich old white establishment scum constantly telling people what they can or can't put in their body. If ever there was an religious organization that should be investigated for crimes, it should be the LDS church (along with scientology, of course). A true evil empire the LDS church is!

  2. The modern day church is a business and organization and as not true Christianity. It's actually part of the beast system that's talked about and revelation. They don't talk about this stuff in the churches the churches lie to people all the time they teach The Bible all wrong. Natural healing is the best way it's the way God meant for us to heal. These churches have entirely too much power and theres nothing righteous about what they do. I'm a Christian but I'm one of the very few that haven't been corrupted by the church and I listen to the true teachings. For centuries they have been causing more damage than good. They like to pick at certain sins they don't like either and ignore the ones that they like. They definitely like their worldly things like the entertainment that they prefer and the stuff they like to have around that they don't need and having all kinds of money. They generally look down on the poor and they looked down on homosexuals. It's all very hypocritical. I could name several things that many so called christians do that is actually against the word of Christ while they pick on other people and use The Bible as a foundation for their hate.

  3. Cannabis is medicine period. Folks will always abuse, legal or not. Educating the ignorant of this is key. Recreation is personal. No f-ing group, religious or governmental has a right to remain ignorant to feed their beliefs.

  4. This is not against the Church where it is legal. I am a member and use it every day with a medical card/Prescription here in Denver. I can't use it in Utah, but it is not against my religion. I use it instead of Oxycontin and Benzos. Works great. I never used it before getting sick, though. People are good in Utah, but a little on the Conservative side. I say people who need to use medical marijuana should just move to another state, as I did. Plus, I like stoners since they are chill and caring people, oftentimes, as a side benefit of living here.
    I hope noone gets the idea that using it legally is against our religion. It only is if it's illegal. People in Utah just don't like it like those in less Conservative States.

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