1. Well I was watching this yesterday then went to go see Mr Canucks like you and pigeons said then I spent hours and hours watching and learning some really cool stuff from Mr Canucks.
    After watching some of your content I got enough eve up to go manifold my first time it was a lot easier then I had thought previously. Wow I didn't know you could make the lower shoots pop up by doing that that's pretty interesting I didn't know you could naturally bring up the lower shoots this a cool technique I didn't know about I thought you only selective defoliated when doing a manifold or mainline that's a great idea with little stress I've never seen that before cool beans j

  2. 100% HUGE THANKS TO EVERYONE in NWJ's community. It has been a week full of heart warmed love from a lot of amazing people. Thank you for the amazing support. This was like the big cup of coffee for my mojo. HOLY a lot of people came over! like a lot…. NWJ I can't say enough about you. Just really appreciate you looking out for me ( , us and the whole community ) Thanks again everyone!

  3. Really Appreciate all the hard work you do on these vids NWJ! I’ve Learned so much from you and Mr Canucks I can’t begin to thank you both enough. Grow grow grow NWJ ✌️out buddy

  4. hello buddie! i hope somene here can help me with a question, i cant seem to find a good answer online. πŸ™ im lookin to grow outdoor i live in a country where it is 12 /12 all year round and the electricity costs are really insane!…. Im looking to use some 15w cool white led bulbs for veg 18/6 and remove them for the flowering. my question is will a 15w led bulb be sufficient to trick the plant that its still 18/6 veg time or will i need more bulbs of a higher wattage? to any one who can answer i will really appreciate it guys! thank you!

  5. hey jay i been loving your videos they are real informative an motivating. I am a beginner grower an interested in auto flowers I wanted to know what strains are best for indoor grow again I lack experience so want easy low maintenance autos high resistance and powerful smoke i hope you can help thanks.

  6. So Glad you did this in real time been wanting to try it! I believe in the old wivestale taking them off early deforms Plants. Also great advice to do it before smoking not to take the node off. Cheers πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š Subbed up

  7. Grow a plant and leave the fans in veg and then strip the one next to it…..youll see, remember ganja is so old it predates mondern flowering plants such as chillis etc newer plants grow the fruit under the canopy and the fruits gen dont need the light to produce, canna is old skool and the buds need direcrt light to fill out, that reason and hi humidity during flower in LARGE rooms is why leaf stripping is done!

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