My cannabis oil cartridge is not working. Solution!

Is your pen / bloom cannabis oil cartridge not working? *Instructions: Pull the metal disk out a bit so it touches the pen. This is the second method on how to fix …


  1. Its like a disk, you'll feel grooves and you just gently pull up. Holy shit haha I have the new indigopro (airopro now) and I got a red ring of death (with triple pulse vibrate) with the holy grail strain (tara white worked) harmony farms cartridges. I was ready to call the store, because I couldn't find anything to troubleshoot(first vape pen) until I randomly saw this. Out of curiosity I felt around it and I could feel a ring and I gently lifted a litte in a circle, popped holy grail in, and I just got a nice clean phat rip. Thank you! 👍

  2. You still have these blooms? I live in ca and haven’t seen these in 3 years they upgraded now and are way better there porcelain tip and glass not plastic anymore and way better oil too

  3. You guys. I had the same issue. My sativa brass knuckles wouldn't hit. But my other indica brass knuckles worked!! So after trying a few things charging the battery etc… I unscrewed it from the battery. And messed with the end of the oil container where the oil comes out. I poked it and pushed it a little with my finger. It loosened up that end peice .. I guess oil was stuck in the end or something. It worked after jiggling the end peice of the oil canister where it connects to the battery.. you could have just explained you did this I stead of talking about gnomes like wtf u doing too much drugs bro

  4. Additional Solution and More Information: If you pull that plug out entirely, you will see two exposed wires. One should run against the outside of the cartridge, typically held in place by the elastomer plug, the other is meant to contact the metal part in the center of the plug. When I pulled the plug out of my cartridge, I found the second wire scrunched up and touching the outer wall. This causes a short, your battery may detect this and not activate. I fixed mine by using a needle to pull the second wire out straight so it did not touch the outside, and I was able to center it well enough that when I put the plug back in, the wire sat in the center of the hole as it should. As this video demonstrates, when you replace the plug, the metal needs to protrude enough to touch the battery.

  5. 🤯 i sat up here trying every1’s vape pen thinking my THC pen was broken. I dnt know wht wrong with the pples comprehension on this post but after watching this works like a fckn charm👍🏾Thank you!!!

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