1. Lets not forget about the negative effects of marijuana. I smoked for years and years. I did smoke responsibly, was not an idiot about it and was considered "functional". But at a certain point in my life, I came to the very clear realization that weed was more of a hindrance to me, my lifestyle and life goals than anything else. It took me nearly 5 years to fully quit smoking weed. In that time, I had serious mood swings, bouts with depression, anger and life was really hard for about 2 years after I had quit. Once my brain and body were finally back in alignment, my energy levels became substantially better, I slept better and was more rested and I have a greater drive to accomplish goals that I set for myself, my family and my business. This would have never have happened if I stayed on the same baked path. This stuff is not good for everybody and should be limited only to those who truly medically require it.

  2. Ted is set to please his local politician when the political figure endorses reefer madness laws or putting monkeys in gas masks and pumping [pure reeefers into them

  3. Ted is just happy with life,bravo to him. He has a rock star life,whats not to be happy about? Throw cancer,or depression,or poverty at him,I’ll bet you 10 buffalo skins he smokes a joint. The point is,not everyone is as happy as Ted,some people like to smoke a joint now and then.Ted has a very narrow view on the subject,on the other hand,i think Joe is very aware.God bless Joe!

  4. Worst thing I've had from weed was derealisation and that never really goes away completely, the only other drugs that do that to me are dissociate drugs like salvia and ketamine, ive tryed pretty much everything apart from smack. Still smoke most days though.

  5. Ted seems to be saying that his clarity is correlated with his degree of presence/consciousness and drugs/pot etc., obscures one's clarity. Joe seems that he places self discipline as the means by which attainment and control is accomplished for him. Joe's life is based on physical achievement which I see is evolving more towards mental/business rewards. I am a big fan of Joe Rogan. Ted and I are very close in age but unlike Ted, I have have delved into drugs, sex and rock and roll. I know that without self discipline, drugs and all the other stuff can take you over. However, I have come to understand that my ability to be in the present moment, with a still mind, is all important to the quality of my life. Just two different people on two different life stages.

  6. They are both wrong. Even if MJ was the most harmful (or beneficial) substance on earth, consuming it harms no one but themselves. If someone gets high and goes onto to hurt someone else, punish them for that.

    If you think MJ is bad, I am all for you preaching that all day long. I have a problem when you invoke extortion and murder (government) to impose your opinion on harmless people.

    The black market and criminal system that prohibition around MJ created has killed more people and ruined more lives than MJ ever will.

  7. Pisses me off he keeps calling Weed, dope. Dope is Heroine, or something that's knocking you out to make you DOPEY. Weed doesn't make you dopey. Or stupid. Ted's just being an ass. But I love his other views.

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