1. Not a hiphop fan but new found respect for kid Cudi hes 100% real drugs are like demonic possession i give him credit im a recluse I have issues with anxiety so i know how he felt.

  2. this guy is the dumbest piece of shit ever, and anyone who thinks he's cool is also a fucking retard. "driving drunk im doing my thang" SO COOL

  3. Scott Mescati (spelling) – is that his real name?! Thats the whitest god damn name ive ever heard.

    Never heard him, not big into modern rap, but this guy seems cool. Good to see his life going in the right direction.

  4. I clicked on this just to downvote this guy. His music is the quintessence of shit you had to suffer through in high school because your friends would not stop playing it.
    Fuck you Kid Cudi, your music sucks, you're a douche.

  5. Joe, I love your show. This one in particular was super honest and insightful in terms of addiction. One thing I wish however is that you would not talk about marijuana as if it was completely harmless. It is relatively harmless I agree but not everyone can use it without negative effects.

  6. my cousin is 53 and he has 11 nice houses. and he'll tell ya, that he did drugs everyday from 24 to 47, and thats when he made all his money, at 47 he just lost interest. and he hasnt been making as much money. since that time. glad he used them, glad he stopped.

  7. I hope he comes back to do another episode. 5-ish years down the line he’s made leaps and bounds to overcome so many of his demons. I know I’m not the only one that would love to hear about it.

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