1. The city party area needs to change… How about half moon bay and crowd the beach. I don't go to S.F. cause the lack of parking. I also come from a town of 1,000 people. You have to really really make plans when going to S.F.

  2. dang u people, if u gonna smoke ur bong do it on your own quarters, every frekn street in civic to union smells like marry jane taking sh!t and what's up with women with kids begging in the street, where the social workers and da police.

  3. They are genetically modifying the herb with opiate mimickers and trying to pollute as much of it as they can. From what I see most of the medicinal marijuana have opiate mimickers engineered in them. When I see people smoke it they start nodding out even when they are standing. That is a symptom of heroin or opiates. Natural marijuana does not make people nod out like that. They might get really tired and drowsy which is normal. Head bobbing, nodding out every 30 seconds, and complete incoherence is a side effect of heroin or opiates.

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